choices, choices, choices

goodmorning, (or wherever you may be in the world, good afternoon, good evening)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the choices we have everyday. our choices are what define us, shape us and set the path of our life. are you making the right choices?

God gave us free will, meaning that we have the ability to choose wether or not to tell our friends about Jesus, to choose wether we want to go to church or not and simply wether we want to listen to God’s voice or ignore it. We have the freedom to choose everyday wether we want to be happy, to look past the circumstances we are faced with, to look past whatever we may have faced and choose to be joyful through our struggles. We have the choice to choose to obey God, to follow His word and to live out the New Testament and sadly most of us choose not to. We choose to accept the gift Jesus has given us, but don’t want to choose His lifestyle. We can choose to love Him  by our faith or can choose our emotions above Him. Everyday we are faced with choices, and the direction our lives are headed in. Simply we can choose to give into temptaion that leads to sin or we can choose to walk past that into the light of Jesus Christ.

I’ll tell you something my mom told me that I remind myself of everyday. I asked her one day how she has been so inlove with dad all these years (23 years) and she said “I choose to loved your dad from the very beginning, I choose to be with Him and choose to spend the rest of my life with Him. Everyday despite what I’m feeling, what has happened the day before, or anything, I choose to look past it all and to still love Him. Some days aren’t as easy, and I look at Him thinking how can I be with this man another day, and most days I wake up thinking I love this man so much. But neverthless, everyday, I choose to love him. Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice”

I use that towards my relationship with God, everyday, despite how I’m feeling, I choose to love Him. To give Him the glory and honour that He deserves. As I accepted Christ as my saviour, I am not my own anymore but His, and my feelings shouldn’t affect my faith and love for God. He deserves more than a half hearted follower.

May today you choose to be happy, to look past whatever the enemy is trying to pull you down by and choose to remember who’s side you are on and who already has the victory. May you choose to love God with all your heart, May you choose if you haven’t, to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your saviour. Our life is all based on choices and our choices are eternal, may you make the right ones.

“for we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7


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