his beauty

Emerson Drive- I can only imagine

It is a beautiful song singing about when we arrive in God’s presence and how we can only imagine what it will be like. well today, I want to say you don’t have to “only imagine” what being surrounded by Jesus’ presence will be like when you arrive in the kingdom, for you can have all that here, this moment, this life-on earth.

I know I have talked about the kingdom before and I truly believe His Kingdom is vital for us living our lives for Christ. your view of “heaven” may be completely different from what I am living in and that is because we all have our own concepts of heaven, as we have all gone through our own hell. through the challenges, paths and choices that we have made, it is through those things that we are able to see how beautiful heaven is compared to what hell can look like. how utterly amazing our God is when we face those moments of “my God, my God why have you forsaked me”. I believe heaven is a state, that even when going through troubles and suffering we can still feel as though we are in heaven and that is because we are living within in the presence of God.

I pray I feel this way because I am living within His Kingdom and I am truthfully grateful for the hardtimes I face as they have shown me how beautiful life can be living within his Kingdom and God’s presence.

Heaven may infact be a place and it may not be a place, it may be a state that we can dwell in. a state in which we can forever live within- a life that we can eternally live within God’s glory.

my challenge for you is that you read and pray about God’s kingdom and a deeper understanding of the heaven Jesus spoke about. Be reminded that Christ didn’t die for a life after this one-He died so that we who we’re dead to sin, may be alive with new life. He died so we may live for him, becoming perfected and working towards sinlessness as He died so we may be free from sin.

May you seek to live in heaven, in the presence of God.



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