pursuit of happiness

As I open the door into another beginning, I am grateful looking back and seeing the past year and how far the gracious Lord has brought me. I am continually reminded that to grow and mature we must be stretched and challenged. That although we go through things, to see it as a chance to rise above whatever you may be facing and to decide to not conform to your olds ways, the people around you or the status quo you feel you must measure upto. Something I think most of us seem to miss is this amazing life we have infront of us because we seem to be trying to live the lives of those arond us. We desperatly want more because we feel that is what we need to be truly happy. Our “pursuit of Happniess” always seems to leave us empty and longing for me.

Ask yourself, why is it that when you get what you want it never seems to be enough?Is it because what we are seeking is wordly things? something that once we attain we can simply place it on our shelf or in a box?

Happiness comes once we have contentment with our lives, with our surrounding, the decisions we have made and our future. Don’t let the worries of the world tear you apart- Be still and trust in the Lord. Allow Him to open your eyes to the world around you, to the people you meet, to the challengs you are facing and that He will give you direction and discernment when working through them. And if you don’t believe in God, I hope you are able to see past whatever you may be facing. That you will find happiness in the simple things-not in what you don’t have, but in what you already have. May you not go seeking for things to fill that emptyness in your heart, but seek the one who is the only one who can.

if you haven’t yet, ask God to search your heart and revel what it is that you are missing. why you are feeling this emptyness. be still before Him, be willing to change if it is necessary to find peace and happiness. I belive happiness comes at a cost and willingess to not always go after what you want but what you desperatly need. what God desires for us, may not always be what we thought we would get, but it is exactly what our soul needs. be willing to see the bigger picture to life-to not be fixed so much on the next best thing you can have or “if only I had that I would be happy” find the little things in life, and take a breath and moment to smile.

“the challenges you are willing to face will rise in proportion to the character you are willing to develop. with the depth of Godly character comes and intentisty of Godly passion. It is in the process of transformation that we find the guel to engage with confidence the oppourtunites placed before us”


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