walk by faith

It is easy to gain knowledge about things, it is easy to ready, study, memorize and learn-yet it is harder to actually seek to be the very thing they are being mindly focused on. It is harder to feel and see things through different eyes felt by their spirit rather than gaining knowledge of things that are tangible, easy to understand and sometimes in reach.

it is a very dangerous place to be when placing the Lord as a book of knowledge and a gateway to heaven rather than the only way is through inviting Him into our lives-moving past a mindset and into the way our heart moves, the way our spirit flows and the purity we exemplify because we are no longer of flesh but filled by Spirit. We no longer are to try to seek to be more knowledgable, to be as smart as others about religion, the know every book of the bible, or how many wives king david had. Although it is helpful to be aware of the content in the bible, the Word of God-our Lord is more concerned that we would come to know Him personally, that we would first seek Him, not all that He offers. He desires us as childrenwho love their parents, run to Him for all things, asking questions, seeking advice, finding comfort and support. It is no longer a race at who can know the most but as a body coming together as one to serve a God whom loves us all.

Each servants walk with the Lord is unique, different and beautiful as the Lord meets each person where they are, what they need. How you come to meet with the Lord may not be the way I meet the Lord and that is fine. You may know your Bible from the insight out, I may spend more time in prayer as that is where my heart lies. It is important that we are doing things sincerly and out of genuine love. That we only have one motive, to praise and love the One True God. No longer try to walk in someone elses spiritual footsteps, but allow the Lord to be the only footsteps you walk in. For He speaks to each person in His own words, He fills them with the love they long for, he places gifts in those who he knows will use what have been entrusted to them. He longs to have men and women who love Him and desire to glorify Him before themself. That love others as themselves. He longs for groups of people to congrigate together to worship, praise and fellowship together with Him.

We are to disciple others-not telling them about Jesus but showing them His love, that they are able to clearly see the power of His goodness and long to recieve all of Him. We are to equip, teach, read, prayer, worship and come together in comunion to allow the Lord to manifest His presence not only within each of us but the place we fill, that He too may indwell among us. That His presence would be so heavily upon the ground we walk that those who don’t know Him would desire the very thing they can’t necessairly understand or see tangibly but feel to the depth of their soul and heart.

May we rise up as a generation to take a hold of the faith Jesus had and allow Him to lead us through our lives. You are an amazing creation of the Lord, allow Him to use you as He desired you from the beginning to be used for. No longer allow the need for knowledge to crowd the way your Spirit wants to move, for God does not necesairly work through how much you know but how much you are willing to step into the unknown-to move past knowledge and mindly thinking into walking in the Spirit, walking in faith of what is unseen, uknown and within His Kingdom.

we must put continue to put our flesh to death, not merely cover it but continue to allow our minds to be transformed and renewed. To not seek to understand it all in an earthly mindset but allow our minds to be brought to thinking and moving through faith. That our lives would be miracles to those surrounds us as the presence of the Lord is the only one truly leading us, no longer our flesh or the ways of the world.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Just as Peter was so willing to jump onto the water to walk towards Jesus, he moved past knowledge, he allowed His faith to be his eyes. For although it was not something he could have read about or understood, he desired what Jesus had. When Jesus called him, he so readily jumped out of the book and began to walk towards Him. It is through this move of faith that we too can walk towards to Lord, but as Peter showed, slowly the things around him began to bring among fear. Fear of what he was doing and slowly as he took His eyes off Jesus and onto the world, his fleshly thinking began to creep back. 173247916884900805_kyQTBRHs_c

““Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”“Come,” he said.” Matthew 14:28-29

But the Lord was still there to pull Him up and He will be there for you too. Although Peter begun to sink, I didn’t see any of the other apostles so willing to jump onto a raging sea, but yet Peter had a passion, a faith to run towards the Lord. Who are you going to choose to be, the apostles who were content just standing on the boat or Peter who was ready to recieve in faith all that Jesus was Himself?

“We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight” 

2 Corinthians 5:7 


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