in the light of the Sun


As you ride your bicycle down an old dirt path you can feel the wind press up against your face as you peddle faster. As you ride freely down this dirt path, you feel as though there is nothing holding you back, that before you awaits something great, the what was behind you is now gone and under you is just the world, but above you-above you is where all things have and will come from. Your smile grows as you close your eyes and take your hands off the handle bars and freely let your bike be free as well-for those few moments you feel nothing but utter joy, freedom and power. You felt as though all that you desired was in reach and laughed as you enjoyed the few moments of peace. Slowly you reached down and took ahold of the handle bars and began to regain the power of your bicycle and open your eyes-gazing around at the vast fields that surrounded you-full of life and colour. Your heart felt peace as no one was around, nothing but you and the road placed before you. As you gazed upon the fields something caught your eye, slowly you brought your bicycle to a stop as the mystery continued to sparkle as the rays of the Sun hit it. You dropped your bike and made your way over to that which laid in the field. As you walked over, curious of what it could be you came to a shiny coin abandoned in a field which seemed to be unattended for some time. You smiled as you found a treasure of the day, and as you held it up towards the Sun it glistened before your eyes. In that moment you dropped the coin for someone stood behind you and you could feel their presence without words being spoken. As you turned around stumbling to catch your footing, the man gently stepped towards you and kneeled down to pick up the dropped coin. You stood in awe as the man kindly wiped the dirt off the shiny coin and Him too held it up towards the Sun. “Isn’t it beautiful how we can find things in the most uncertain places?” He smiled as He handed the coin back to you. “the beauty of life isn’t where we are going but the things which makes us stop in our tracks-that which brings us to a moment of awareness of something other than life itself but allow us to see a greater beauty in a rare finding. What you found here is something no one else going down that road would have found, but you found it and what you hold in your hand is of greater value than you are aware of” the man gently smiled as He turned around and began to walk away. As you gazed down upon the coin you saw something with new eyes, something which you have never seen before and in that moment you were brought clarity on what that man spoke about and in the light of the Sun the coin shone it’s meaning and in the depth of your heart you gazed towards the Sun and smiled, no longer caring about your bike or that which you held in your hand but what you held in your  heart.


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