tis the season of beauty

“I truly believe I will live to see the Lord’s goodness.” Psalm 27:13-14

When this season begins to arrive, I love the christmas music, the decorations, the feeling in which this season of warmth, comfort and love brings. It is a time when people come together to fellowship, enjoy company and be surrounded by those who bring them joy. When I begin to see closer to the day of this beautiful season, I am saddened to see the emphasis places upon this day, losing sight of what it is meant to be and brought back towards themselves.

I still believe that the beauty of this season is still in our midst, it is a time for all those around us to feel loved, welcomed and that they matter. May you open your eyes to see the need around you and instead of turning your eyes inward to see what you want or those who already have enough and turn your eyes outward to see those who do not have. I highly believe in serving, it is not always about giving money or gifts but giving our time, our love and our hearts to those who may not be able to do that themselves.

Christ died so that we would be redemeed for His Kingdom-His Kingdom stands for the sick not the healthy “for it is not the healthy that needs the doctor but the sick”mark 2:17

How can those who have nothing be helped if those who have are not inveseting into them? Although the world is hurting, it can be healed. Not healed by someone else, or those who “have more time” but by you. may today you do something for someone else, someone you do not know. Even if it is as simple as paying for someones coffee behind you at the drive thru, or carrying someones bags to their car, going down to drop off cans at a shelter, giving time to help serve meals, or even if you are kind enough to let someone go infront of you in the line. today do something to make someone elses life brighter, and filled with some sense of heart felt love. for it isn’t necessarily needing much to give but giving what you already have.

for as the verse I placed in the beginning, I highly believe with my heart that I will live to see the goodness of the Lord upon this land and within the hearts of each person. gift

as a flower girl walks down the isle, she reaches into her basket and handful after handful-she graciously lavishes beauty upon those standing around her. her heart is oveflowing with joy and she gracefully skips down preparing the way for the one whom this is all about, she is freely blessing those whom she may not even know, but because she has been given a gift herself. As myself, I will lavish upon others that which has been given to me in my basket of gifts-I will lavish upon others hope, joy, love, peace and acceptance, even to those wom I may not know preparing the way for Christ to move in and through lives of those whom it touches. because if I have been given much, wouldn’t I want to share?


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