Lord is that you?

Have you had times in your life where you have asked the Lord for something, and either choose to do it anyways or become impatient and demanding, questioning the Lord as to why He hasn’t answered you?

For me that is how I dealt with many situations in my life. For some cases, I was asking the Lord for guidance, yet had already made up in my mind what I wanted and when asking was hoping for reassurance rather than rebuking. Or some cases I would ask and when waiting a minimum of fifteen minutes would go through with it anyways. I laugh at myself when looking back to each time I was led by my own decisions rather than truly following the Lord.

Oh Lord I thank you that you are patient and faithful, when I am no where close to that.

I am reading such a great book by Bob Mumford “Take another look at guidance”. Which I highly recommend if you are someone seeking after a greater understanding of being led by the Lord rather than your own self.

When being guided and seeking the Lord we must make sure that three essential points that discern what is from the Lord rather than ourself or the enemy.

“But test everything. Keep what is good, and stay away from everything that is evil” 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1

We are to test and weigh that which is being spoken to us. We must continually be reading the Word of God. For the Spirit of God would not speak to us anything that will go against His will. We must weigh God’s spoken word to His written word. God’s word is the rock to our faith and what we are to stand on above all else “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass” Luke 21:33  The Bible is key to our knowledge and understanding of God’s character and Will.

 His Holy Spirit which resides within us will give us discernment and wisdom (James 3:17-18). When coming into situations in which we need divine guidance we must be patient and discern the Spirit that we are allowing to lead us. For we will have peace when we are in the Will of God and contenment within the decision that is to be made. But when we are moving through our own decisions or that against the Lords desires we will be faced with uneasiness and discontenment. For when we are moving through the Spirit we will be bearing His Fruit (Galatians 5:22-23).

Lastly through our circumstances we can come to see if it is the Lord or not.  An example of this is: for me I felt called to study and learn about the Lord, so right away I applied for school and decided to go rather than being patient to see whether it was a call for school or some other study. When arriving at school, I felt discontent and unsettled knowing in my heart, I had jumped ahead of the Lord and began running instead of Him showing me what He desired. Although we may be called to something or go somewhere, we still must pray into it and seek that the doors would be opened to do so. Also whether it is the Lord’s timming now or that He was revealing to us what He has instore for the future.

“we often jump into the wrong conclusion instead of waiting for all the harbor lights to line up to give us solid guidance and direction, for God does not require a response without waiting for the other two witness’s to line up” Bob Mumford.

Always remember that when the Lord speaks or calls you to something-weigh what is being asked, align it to scripture (in context) and ask the Lord! Prayer is so essential and communicating with the Lord through all things. For wisdom from God is pure and peaceable, when He speaks there is always a sense of deep peace within our Spirit, even if we do not like what He is saying-there is still peace and contentment, if there is no peace then do not follow through with what you wanted to do.

Next time asking a question ask yourself:

  1.  is this wise? a wise thing to be spending my time? my money on?
  2. does this align to the Word of God in context?
  3. is this true of who God is and His character?
  4. Is this my own desire? my own voice or the enemys?
  5. do I feel called to this?
  6. How does my Spirit discern what I am feeling or seeking?

Heavenly Father, may you lead us into your full truth and understanding of who you are and what you desire from us. I thank you that you walk with us, that you long for us to know you and be obedient to you. May you enable us to discern our own desires from what you are asking of us. Forgive us for not waiting for your perfect timing but our own. May you reveal to us how to be guided by you and you alone, dieing to our flesh and walking in your Holy Spirit. You are King, may we give you the honour and glory you so rightly deserve! In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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