reaching your greatest potential

So often we tend to diminish our greatest potential as we allow fear to seep into our hearts, trailing behind it; fear, discouragment, and deciet. For the enemy will do whatever He can to create uneffective followers of Christ. Although He cannot take away our salvation, He will do what He can do hinder our productivity for the Lord. May you come to see that through the covering and cleansing of Jesus’ blood and the power of His Holy Spirit residing within you, you have already obtained victory against the lies and are freed from the bondage of darkness. You are a new, beautiful, radiant Child of His light. As you remain in His light and keep yourself gaurded in the armor of God, The enemy’s schemes cannot stand against us, for he is powerless. The only way the enemy can have “power” over you is if you will him by empowering the lies he speaks, the deciet he leads you away with. For Jesus died to bring us the fullness of life, He has given us dreams and desires; so that when our hearts are aligned with His, He will bring all we strive for to pass. The Lord works through the willing, those who walk in faith. That although we may have passions and dreams that can seem impossible, our Lord is faithful. As we remain faithful to His guidance, being obedient to the  Holy Spirit and standing in His truths, He will do what seems to be impossible through us. Our lives were saved and redeemed so that Christ’s greatness and God’s glory may be seen through us living through our greatest potential. 20829216997022401_Sbtp5HGC_c

Begin to affirm yourself in your identity in Christ and standing in His promises and truths. For you have an inhertiance through salvation and indwelling Holy Spirit within you. Begin to stand in that, and stand against the lies and deciet of the enemy. Our God is great and Jesus is a Lord of miracles-allow your life to be a mircale to others. For those who are spiritually blinded-through the physical lives of those who follow Christ, their eyes can be opened. Begin to be a walking message,witness and proclamation of the fullness of Christ-through living in the greatness in which Christ has made you for.

We all have different talents and giftings, do not dwell on what you do not have but use effectively and with boldness of what you have been so beautifull gifted with. For we are to be good stewards of what we have and allow the glory and manifestation of God shine through us as we work through them. The world desperatly needs men and women, standing in the knowledge and truth of who they are in God and being used to the fullness of Christ’s power. Are you ready to begin believing in yourself and the promises of God?

Read Ephesians and be enlightened by our great Lord who calls us into a greater way of living and continue to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


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