which way is the right way?

I remember, before I fell inlove with the Lord, how I used to treat Him. I would pray half-sleep prayers before going to bed, pray that he would help me pass when I didn’t feel like studying, or crying out for Him to save me when I faced life-threatening moments. Looking back, I cannot believe I treated the King of the World, the Lord God Almighty as my servant…when I am His.


photography credit : J.FUNK PHOTOGRAPHY

How often do you treat the Lord as though He owes you something ? That you rightly deserve Him to help you ? That you are allowed to be mad at Him because something happened to you? Or you don’t need Him because He didn’t help you? When we begin to place God in a box, we begin to label Him, rather than coming to know who He really is. He is the one who gives eternal life and without Him we will be walking towards death (eternal seperation from Jesus who is life). We are in no place to act as if the Lord owes us, when truthfully, we owe Him our life.

Our God is not a God who brings upon pain and suffering. Our God is a King of righteousness, of love, of compassion, of comfort and of grace. It is us as human who have chose to go against Him and bring upon self-destruction. For if we are not abiding in Him, living in His light and goodness, then we are living in darkness and evil. For if God is good, then that which is not apart of Him is evil. If we live apart of the one who brings light, we will be in darkness. If we choose not to accept the only one who brings forth eternal life, then we choose death. We can continue to go against God, but why then do we have the right to question Him when He doesn’t help us succeed? Or when we feel He isn’t doing what we want, when we do not do what He wants of us? God desires each of us to come to Him, but He will not force us. We are humans who can make our own choices. But yet how many use our freedom to bring upon hurt, pain, unforgivness,  judgment upon ourselves and others? For life without God is truly frustrating, useless and meaningless. For when doing so, we are living  apart of the one thing we were created and are destined to life with: Our creator, God Himself.

I have experienced life without the Lord and His saving grace, I have experience the fears, doubts, uncertainties and troubles that come from a life without Him. I have called out to the Lord in times of trouble and when making it through, decided I had no use for Him anymore. But I thank the Lord, that He is a God of forgivness. That although I once was lost, I was able to come to Him once and for all, and choose life. To choose Him. To recieve the gift of salvation, He has to offer through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and now am able to live apart of an eternal Kingdom.

How often do you turn to God simply because you have no where else to turn, and once making it through you keep living the same life? May you come to see that God calls us into a life with Him, to not simply have one foot in the door while we are trying to experience all we can here on earth. For when we live according to the ways of the world, we are only going to experience unfulfillment, heartbreak and emptiness, always living with a fear of death and what is to come. May you also see, that when living apart of an eternal Kingdom; you no longer live according to the ways of the world. For we can’t live right when making wrong choices which God does not stand for.

Take a moment to read this, it may bring light to what I have written.

May you begin to see that true beauty comes from the one whom all beauty derives from and without Him, there is no true essence of beauty in life. For the Lord is here, waiting for you to call on Him. How will you choose to live your life?

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:38


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