What Seeds Are You Sowing?


Sitting on the park bench, the coolness of the air surrounds me. The quietness of the morning creates a still silence throughout the park. As I sit, I hear footsteps crunching on the snow, gazing down the path, my eyes meet His. He gentley makes His way over to me, His presence bringing a warmth as His smile brings a welcoming embrace. As He sits down, it feels as though I can see clearly. The brightness that He radiates allows me to see the world through different eyes. I no longer feel empty or longing but I feel overwhelmed by love and somehow I know this is truth. He softly asks, “For I am enough, and this that you feel is available at all times. I will never leave or forsake you, but am yours and you are mine.” His words pour into my heart as I feel them mending what has been broken. Again He says, “For when coming into my presence, I am all you need. Continue to press into me, and I will prepare for you the way. My plans are perfect, My ways are beautiful. Trust in me and I will trust you.” Meeting His gaze, I am overwhelmed by His love, by all that He offers. He is all that I desire, all that I have ever needed.

Our gracious Lord desires us to come to Him intimately. He longs for us to long for Him as He does for us. When seeking Him, we are desiring to live within His presence, to seek His ways and His truths and abiding in them. To no longer search for things in the world for fulfillment but seeking that which only brings life; Jesus Christ. The Lord desires us to live a life honoring Him. To live a life loving Him and spending time with Him.

Ask yourself, are you honoring the Lord with your choices? What are you sowing into your life that is preparing for your future? How are you carrying yourself as a woman and man of God?

For although we have lots of people speak into our life and over our destiny, how many of us are sowing into those words? For when the Lord reveals to us a peice of what we have been called to, He wants us to begin to work for that. To invest our time, ourselves to being equipped for our call. We aren’t to wait for Him to do the work, we are to begin sowing seeds so in time, as He calls us, He can reap a harvest through us.

Are you spending enough time with the Lord intimately? Seeking His voice? Soaking in His presence?

For we have a beautiful destiny with the Lord, but we have our part to do within it. For “The Lord can only steer a moving ship”.

May you write down your giftings, what you feel called to, what you can do this moment and this time of your life to sow seeds into that calling. What you can do now within your giftings and strengths to bring the Kingdom where you stand. How are you bringing the Kingdom to earth? Are you investing in yourself as a disciple of Jesus? Are you seeking a deep reltionship with the Lord where you are growing, learning, maturing and strengthening your faith? What harvest will you reap with the seeds you are sowing?

May you begin to arise to the great call upon your life, that whatever you are pursuing, to begin to invest and sow seeds into that. To seek the Lord intimately so you may reap His character. To bring about change, we need to be that change.

“So that you will not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Hebrews 6:12

One last question, ask yourself: “What is the biggest lie of the enemy you were made to destroy?”


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