How Can I Know You More?

As men and women who are truly willing to serve the Lord, we must come to see the importance of intimacy with Him. If we are desiring to know Him more, if your heart is crying out “Jesus I want more, I want you.” Then we must begin to seek all of Him. For to inherit all that He has promised us, we must continue to press into Him. Not just inheriting the blessings but the promise of knowing Him, encountering Him in deeper ways. For to recieve our promises and blessings, they must be restored through revelation. When we are deepening our relationship with Jesus through our love for Him, we continue to strive to be matured and perfected, and in doing so, the Holy Spirit reveals to us our promises/blessings along the way, restoring them back to our Spirit.

When desiring to deepen our walk with the Lord, we must immerse ourselves in His Word, Worship, Prayer, Fellowship and Fasting. For to fully walk in the Spirit we must die to our flesh. Our flesh and minds (when not renewed) will continually try to keep us grounded in the world and the ways of the natural rather then pushing us to recieve the supernatural life Jesus is offering us. When submitting ourselves to the Lord we allow Him to sustain us and be the source of our power rather than our own selves.

His Word is essential as we need it to renew our minds. To spiritually be fed. As we are able to see the truth to which we are called to live by, how to honor the Lord, others and ourselves. And how to come into a deeper relationship with our Creator. By reading the Word we are armoring ourselves against the enemy and are able to set a foundation on an unshakeable Kingdom. We are also brought warning and a greater awareness of the right way to live. The Word is an essential aspect to our walk with the Lord as it keeps our minds fixed on His truth and enables us to know God deeper, to know who He is and who He calls us to be.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16

Fellowship is also such an important aspect of our lives when serving the Lord. For Jesus is the head of the body  (the Church).  We are called to serve together, love one another, encourage and rebuke each other and also come together to disciple one another. We as believers are called to unity, to be of one mind and serving one purpose : The Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy will do anything he can to seperate and divide the body of Christ. He will try to sneak in lies as to why you don’t need to go to church, why you don’t need others encouraging your walk with the Lord and why the Church isn’t beneficial. When in reality, we are called to be in fellowship. To operate as one together and standing firm with the Lord. For we are soilders of Christ, we are His army. An army is not individuals but people who learn to live together, serve together, stand together and love one another as a family.

Prayer is our source of communication with the Lord. For since we have been given free will, the Lord can only work in the world through us interceeding for Him to do so. Prayer enables us to seek the Lords will to be done on earth, in our lives and the spiritual realm. We are beacons of His presence and when praying it enpowers Him to shine through us into the world. If you have been baptized by the Holy Spirit and are able to speak in tongues, that is a vital part of interceeding for the Lords will to be done. As they are words hidden from the enemy and enables the Lord to bring forth His power. Prayer keeps us in constant communion with our Lord, allowing Him to be apart of every part and aspect of our life and those around us as we seek Him. Prayer is not only speaking to Him but listening as He talks. When talking, the conversation goes both ways. Spend time in silence listening for His voice as you seek Him.

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” John 10:27

Worship is an act of praise and adoration for the Lord. He is so worthy of praise and by us continually worshiping Him, we are honoring Him. We are showing our desperate love and need for Him. We are thanking Him for all that He is. Worship should not be a weekly act but a daily way of living; living with joyful thankful hearts.

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.” Revelation 4:11

Fasting is also important to recieve the fullness of the Holy Spirit within us. As it is so easy for our habits to control us. For ourselves to become accustomed to living by our own desires and flesh rather than submitting them to our Spirit. For when we fast we are pushing aside our external source of sustainability and turning to the Lord as our only source of life. For Jesus is the bread of life, He is all we need. We don’t necessairly need to fast from eating, but from facebook, from television, from working to much, from anything that takes away intimate time with the Lord. By breaking old habits and chains we are freeing ourselves from our flesh and allowing the Holy Spirit more room and power to work in our lives. Also be away that Fasting and Praying go hand in hand together. When fasting you are submitting it to the Lord and pressing into Him through your fasting time. I would suggest to look into fasting before doing one.

The enemy and our flesh will always try to justify as to why such things are not needed. They will always try to bring us back to our old ways, our old habits and will try to discourage us from living whole heartly for the Lord. Continue to persever through obstacles and doubts you will face. For the Lord has called us to live for Him and Him alone, to honor and serve Him dilligently. May we throw off everything that entagles us and walk towards a life fully submitted to the Lord by walking in His Spirit. By continually allowing the Lord to be our priority above the desires of our flesh, we are showing our faithfulness, our willing to serve Him. And through it, enabling the fullness of  His life come into us, as when we break free from the bonds of the world, we are truly living in His freedom.

“Jesus I pray that we may continually seek you above all else. Above our desires and our earthly ways. That we may no longer be held captive to our minds but be transformed by you renewing our mind into your likeness. May we submit ourselves to you, laying down our life and picking up your cross. May we walk in perseverance and dilligence towards that which you have called us. May we be worthy servants of your Jesus Christ, being equipped, prepared and discipled into soilders fit for your Kingdom. We love you Jesus, in your name, Amen!!”

Be reminded that by spending more time with the Lord, you will come to know Him more personally. You will encounter Him in new ways and will come to walk with Him daily. Press into Him and walk in His presence, loving Him above all else. For the biggest act of love is sacrifice, may we sacrifice our lives here on earth as Christ did, so that we may live in heaven while still walking this earth. May we bring the Kingdom to earth through our willingness to be emptied so that our vessels way be filled with Christ and Christ alone.


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