Empowered Women of God

Abba, I thank you that I am a beautiful daughter of your Kingdom. That you see me as a powerful disciple of your Kingdom. I thank you that you see me as worthy to stand in your truth, that you see me as worthy of proclaiming your truths and I thank you for passion that I am able to serve you within my giftings. I thank you for life and that in your eyes I am able to do all things through the power of your Holy Spirit.Jesus I thank you that when you died, you restored equality and unity within the world. God you are so good to me. Thank you for the women you are moulding and shaping me into.

I am reading an amazing book that I suggest to all women: Power and Free by Danny Silk. I am beginning to see the importance in womens role within the church. Not only as assistances or nursery workers but in leading roles. For we are all one body, we have all been given beautiful gifts from the Lord. When Jesus came to sacrfice His life, He came to redeem the world and bring forth unity. He came to end the curse of the fall and bring forth the new covenant. We are now one in Christ and all have significant roles within His body. Women have been blessed with such a beautiful role within the body of Christ however for many years we haven’t been able to stand in that role. As there has been a label placed over women as having to be under submission to men or quiet in church rather than the truth that we are equal to men.  Many women have strong giftings and talents but have difficult pursuing their dreams and making their voices heard for the world and the church have told us different. And instead of pushing past the opposition we find fault within ourselves instead.

We as women have so much to bring to the body of Christ, however we need to see other women rising up so that we too may be encouraged to do the same. May we rise up as women to become effective, active members of the body and in society. Now I am not saying this so create disunity but to bring unity. We are not to rise up to try overpower men but to come into step with them. For Christ treated women as equal to men, when He came He stepped outside the cultural norm and brought women into discipleship with Him. He showed the importance of acknowledging the presence of women and their role in His life and minsitry.

For the Kingdom of Heaven involves both men and women, it calls us to be one-working together to create unity within a common culture. We are all identified in Christ, there is no seperation. We are all children of the Father and are all loved equally. We all hold unique pieces of the Father (as we are all made in His image) within us that the world needs to see. And as women we have a voice, we have the ability to make great movements of change within the world. We are nurturing, loving, and people of beauty and radiance. May we come to stand in who we are in Christ fully, may we not allow old traditions keep us from going after our destiny which God has called us to.

We as women of the Lord should come together to encourage, disciple and grow one another. To be women of integrity and honour, standing in our true identities in Christ. Realizing that we embody all authority and power through Christ, just as anyone else. We have the ability to bring the Kingdom to Earth, not only through raising a family or house chores but through our close walk with the Lord and to that which He has called us to do.

“For the very nature of unity is that it requires everyone involved to be free and powerful and to have equal value. And for this reason, men and women will never find true unity or oneness as long as women are defined as “less” than man.-Danny Silk

I believe that I can do all that the Lord has called me to do, that there is nothing to hinder His work other than the limitations I allow the world to place on me. For through Christ we are able to step into our fullest potential and  into the commission that He has called both men and women to do-to bring forth His Kingdom. May we always clothe ourselves in humility, gentleness, patience and accepting all others in love. We are strong, talented and women worthy of love and acceptance. May we begin to affirm ourselves in the Word in His truth and not allow any glass ceilings to hinder us from stepping out in faith to become that which Christ has called each of us too. For we are not women of the world but women of Christ. May we not look to the world as the way women should be, but seek His truth as to who women of Christ are.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28


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