Carriers of His Presence

Something that I have been thinking about lately is how people are more fixed on life after this one, on the second coming of Jesus than why Jesus came the first time. In doing so they truly miss the point of His first coming. They miss the beauty of recieving all He came and died for us to have here and now. As I am continually brought a deeper revelation on the power of the Kingdom of Heaven, I am able to see how to live life here on earth throughout it. For although it is not physically seen, it is spiritually percieved through the indweling Holy Spirit. We are able to recieve a better glimpse of God when we come into a relationship with Him and begin to live in His presence. 7aee5d6755ac24bb151199f69550a210

God’s intent from the beginning of creation was for Heaven to be on earth. For although Jesus was not from this world, He was for this world. He was to plant seeds of restoration in which His followers through the power of His Holy Spirit could bring the Kingdom back into full reign here. For the world isn’t evil- God see’s the world as good. It is the world systems and this present age that is corrupted from sin. God’s desire is not to destroy His creations, but to reconcile them back to Himself. To renovate and restore the world back to Him by removing His children bringing forth His Kingdom and breaking through the darkness that the enemy has covered this world in. The Kingdom of Heaven is for this world, as Jesus even prayer, “May your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” As followers of Christ we are apart of God’s will, to redeem the earth, deliever it from corruption and fill it completely with His glory. I know most of us are familiar with the verse, “For our citizenship is in heaven..” That verse does not call us to seperatre ourselves from the world for we are still residence of it. Neither does it call us to wait for heaven to come but to realize we are now apart of heaven and through that, are capable and called to reveal it through our lives. God has placed us in this world to transform it. We shouldn’t be worried about conforming to it’s ways for when we stand in the authority through Jesus Christ, we are standing in His power and truth. The more firmly we walk in that identity and with the Lord intimtley, we will have no desire for anything of this world but rather to give those apart of it a glimpse of all that they too can recieve. We are to live righteous, holy and blameless lives through His Holy Spirit so others may see our love and devotion to the Lord. That we may reveal Christ for who He truly is, enabling others not see Him truthly rather than people living for the glory of themselves. As followers of Christ, we must come to see, it is not about us. This life has nothing to do with ourselves but everything to do with His glory being seen and Him recieving the honour and praise.

By the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, we are carriers of His presence as a life style not just in moments. Bill Johnson makes a clear analogy in how to walk in-step with the Holy Spirit, “If there was a dove sitting on your shoulder, and knowing the nature of how doves are. Every step, every action you would make, you would be in constant awareness of that dove upon you.”

May we live within this world as carriers of the Lord Jesus Christ, that we are apart of His Kingdom and with that we hold all power and authority over darkness and the enemy. May we stand in that identity and do no waver when times of trials or temptation comes, for Jesus died so all sin and corruption would be defeated. We are not working towards victory, for Jesus already attained that for us. Rather we are working through a state of triumph over what Christ has already won for us; a restored relationship with God in which we have access to Him while residing here on earth. And with that sin and darkness has no hold or power over us, only that which we enable it too. For the enemy will do what he can to keep us from living in our authority and in victory; such as lies, deciet and oppression. The enemy will try to limit the fullness of life you have recieved, but may you stand in the victory Christ has already won and do not let the enemy steal that which you have obtained.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

May we not neglect the call upon our lives as sons and daughters of God to bring His Kingdom here through all that we do, say, act and think. May we be a glimpse of Him for all to see, bringing forth His Kingdom of light so that those living in darkness may see all that they have the ability to be set free from and come into fellowship with.

We are God’s salt, light and leaven that He is sprinkling on this world to show who He is and for His will to be completed. As He longs for His Kingdom to dwell within each heart through the Holy Spirit, so that no one would be lost within darkness but be living as children of light in freedom. For when we choose Jesus, we choose to be restored to who we were made to be and gain freedom of life to embrace His fullness; rather than living apart of the world in which we are in bodange of sin that brings death.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

May you begin to live each step in the presence of God, being carriers of His presence. So that our lives may be a living testimony and glimpse of who He is and all that He has to offer to the world. We have so much to live for, begin to live in His beauty and constant fellowship with Him.  Ah thank you Jesus for sacrificing your life so that we too could recieve true life.


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