Moving from Comparing to Contentment

For we were made in the image of God Himself. We were made with pieces of His heart and bring forth in this world something which has never been here before. For God created us all so uniquley and beautifully. He has placed within each of us a purpose to fulfill through Christ within us. 157846a59d046711bf9cb8a14a7c13fc

Something our culture has become accustomed to is comparing. Comparing our lives, bodies, wealth, careers and so on to what others have. We try to achieve what others have rather than being content with that which the Lord has blessed us with. We neglect to steward that which the Lord has entrusted us with because we are trying to grab ahold of what someone else has been given. For the Lord created us exactly how He needed us to be. We do not have to seek outside of ourself to fulfill our destiny, for the Lord reigns within us. When we come to know God for who He is, rather than seeking only that which He can give us, we will come to be content with ourselves. We will have a sense of contentment, understanding that “I have the living Lord within me, through Him I have all things I need. Through Him I lack no good thing. Through His power and life, He will fulfill His life through mine. I am whole through Christ and I can trust in Him, for God is good.”

So often we worry about our circumstances and what is going on outside of us that we overlook hat God is more concerned with- our character and what is happening within us. For the Lord does not look at the words we speak but the language of our hearts, our motives, our desires. We can’t be that who God created us to be when we aren’t shining on the inside. If we continue comparing what we think we are lacking to what others have, we are missing what the Lord is trying to accomplish through our lives. For He has made you with a divine purpose, He did not make a mistake when He made you. You are beautiful in His eyes, you are whole in Him and He longs to have followers dedicated to loving Him above all else. For when we love God for who He is, we begin to love ourselves for He dwells within us. We begin to love others because we can see Christ in them and how He loves them. For when we love God, we stop seeking that which we can get from Him and realize that through loving who He is first and foremost, all else will come in due time.

There is no urgency, there is peace in Christ. There is patience in understanding that His ways do not work within the realm of time but within moments. May you not miss the moment when the Lord wants to use you because you have taken your eyes off of Him and placed them onto someone else. May you walk with your eyes on Him, trusting in His ways and that He will use you for His greatness and glory to be shone through.

May we stop comparing ourselves to others and begin to see the beauty within each person. To encourage and uplift on another in the person God made them to be, to fulfill their destiny. May we see how we can propell others into their destiny, rejoicing in the beauty of ones life and doing what we can to empower them to be wholly for the Lord. May we no longer look onto others desiring what they have but rather stand marvelling at the beauty of God, for each person shines a different aspect of who He is. And the more we hide our beauty, the world is missing a glimpse of how great, how vast, how radiant our King is.

“People God uses in great ways are those who stand in great faith”

Begin to stand in great faith in the Lord, in who He has shaped you to be and is continuing to mould and transform you into. May you first of all come to love the Lord for who He is and patiently waiting upon all that which you are seeking. Seek first His Kingdom and righteousness and all else will be given unto you. And remember, when we begin to compare ourselves with others, we are neglecting the beautiful gifts and life the Lord has given us. We look past what the Lord is desiring to do in us because we feel that someone else has something we want, rather than trusting in the Lord to give us what we need. He knows us better than we know ourselves, begin to rest in His arms and enjoy the journey with Him.

“I will be your God throughout your lifetime–until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.”       Isaiah 46:4


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