A Story for the King

The overpowering voice of the King stills my mind,

as I sit at His feet.

All I can hear is Him,

for in His Kingdom, He reigns.

All my eyes can see is His brilliance,

for He is all that I desire to look upon.

All that comes from my mouth is that but praise,

for there is nothing for me to sing but the language of my heart.

All that I live for is in this moment,

coming before the Almighty King.

All life flows from Him,

and I have come to drink from His living water.

All that my heart longs for I have found,

as I kneal in His presence.

For if life is nothing but a breath,

He is the breath of life I long to take in.

For if life is nothing but chasing the wind,

it is His wind that I desire to be swept up by.

For is life is simply passing us by,

I would rather dwell in the place of eternity for the rest of my days.

For this life is more than living for the world,

This life is more than trying to survive,

This life is more than eating and drinking

This life is to dwell in the place of the Lord,

allowing Him to pour into me that which the world needs.

For as I sit at the feet of the King,

He lavishes on me that which He longs the world to see.

For as I bow before the throne of Him who reigns,

He pours life into me so that all those who are seeking life-can recieve it.

For as I rest in the presence of God Most High,

it is here that I am able to hear the beat of His heart for me.

And in these times spent with the King,

He sets a fire deep in my heart for more of Him.

May my soul find rest only in Him,

for nothing in this world will ever do.

May my life be that which He destined it to be,

bringing forth nothing short of His glory.

Like a flower girl preparing the way for the bride,

may I do that very thing for my King.

As the flower girl prepares the way,

she lavishes beauty among all who wait.

As I prepare the way,

may through that which He lavishes on me,

I lavish on all.

For it is all for His glory,

all for that which He is worthy of.

May the King be exatled through my little life,

May the King be represented as He is,

for I am but dust,

but He is that which takes dust and forms into the beauty of His image.

For although I once was lost,

He remained faithful.

For I was once an orphan in the world,

but My King called me into His Kingdom as His daughter.

Ahh, for although I am not worthy,

the King redeemed me to be so.

May He take my little life,

May He take every ounce of me,

for although it is nothing but dust,

May He use it for His glory.

May He take my little life,

and reveal His through it.

For as I kneal at the Kings feet,

there before me is all that I need.

-Vanessa Nicolle


May you too as you come to the King, you rest in His presence and find that which is awaiting you. For the King is radiant and all who look upon Him, their faces will never be put to shame.

Set a fire


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