Simplicity of a Child

When you were nine what did you dream of doing? What was your hearts desires? What was your passion?

Are you still doing it? Do you still dream the same dreams? Or have you placed that dream aside because it felt unattainable, unrealistic, or not as profitable as you desire?

That being said, I think we’ve lost our child-likeness.

Where did our ability to dream past our circumstances go? We became realists rather than those who live by faith. Think back to when you were a child, you trusted in your parents for all things. You went where they went (whether you liked it or not) and you dreamed simply because it was your hearts desire. Nothing on the outside was hindering what you wanted to do, such as the cost of things, how you could support yourself or trying to pick the best school. You simply desired what your heart wanted.9811f9d5b774d9dbb0f3f12216f35338

While increasing in your maturity, never decrease in your faith -Pastor Steven Furtick

We see life as either make it or break it, but really, that’s not how it is at all. Our minds have been consumed with the idea that to be happy, to be known and to be successful is to make money. I hope I’m not the first one to tell you that money is not the answer. For money will only continue to fill your life with riches rather than your heart with treasures. Riches and treasures are completely different; Riches are something you gather and scatter, they are what you flaunt, what you wear, what you want others to see and know you have. Riches come and go as you want the newest release, the bigger version or the more flashy item. Treasures on the other hand are the valuable pieces of your life, which you hold so close to your heart and nothing in this world could seperate you from. They are the very things that you do not flaunt because you see the value in it that others may not. It has a purpose, it has a true value and it has depth to it.

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:21

May you begin to seek that child-likeness again. To dream dreams that only God can fulfill. You do what you can in the natural to attain it and leave the rest upto God’s ability. Do all you can physically and God will do the rest if you let Him. For just as when we were children we followed our parents where they went, Father God is seeking that same dependancy. He is seeking children that will dream dreams where we look to Him for help, where we come to Him with excitment ready to see how He will bring it to frutition. May you not simply seek earthly riches that take up space but leave your heart empty- but seek heavenly treasures that satisfy your heart and will bring joy back to your life. For riches only takes up spaces in our homes and truly, we can never seem to get enough of them to bring true contentment and happiness. However treasures, when we seek the Lord to fill our hearts with His treasures and seek Him with child-likeness we will be living in true fullness.

Don’t be afraid to dream for what seems to be the impossiblee-for I believe God is waiting for dreamers to come to Him in childlikeness to see those dreams come to pass. I believe God places desires on our hearts for Him to fulfill through us. For remember, the ways of the world are opposit from the Kingdom of God. Dream God sized dreams and ask Him in faith to bring them to pass in His timing. Be a child again-live freely, boldly, passionatly and desperatly inlove with Abba.


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