Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears

So often we see ourselves as just another number, another person, and just someone in a sea of people trying to make their name known or leave a mark in this passing world.

Maybe we even see ourselves as cattle sometimes, numbered, and waiting for the slaughter house. That what we do here, has no meaning or purpose, but merely just to make it through and do what we can to enjoy the little life we have. a54073ede80c5460443f0ed06cba09c8

I feel when we begin to see things that way and listen to the world, we lose sight of how great our God is. For when we fix our eyes on anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ, we become blind and deaf. We lose our hearing of His truth and promises, and we become blind to seeing the good He is working in and through all things.

How do we change our perspective? How do we open our blinded eyes and hear with our deaf ears? How do we break free from these hopeless thoughts and regain our vision given by the Lord Jesus of the hope of glory that is to come? How do we see ourselves as men and women of God rather than another person in this world, that may or may not have a purpose?

The answer is Jesus. Jesus is He who can break you free from that mould, for He has already set you free when He died on the cross. He choose you out of this world to be a bringer of His Kingdom. He see’s you as worthy of His life and love. Through acknowledging that Jesus is Lord and immersing yourself in His Word, prayer, fasting and worship, we are able to break free from this concept of being numbered and be brought clarity that we are unique, valued and have a life of value-not heading to a slaughter house but to an eternal destiny. We are those who carry the presence and Spirit of the living God.

No matter what your giftings are. No matter what you are called to. Be obedient. Be willing to say yes to God and be ready for your ears and eyes to be opened to see what the Father is doing and do it and to hear what He is speaking and say it.

You are not just another person. You are being sanctified by the cleansing blood of Jesus to be someone who does greater works than He because He is now within you. May you not listen to the things of the world and what seems normal. For our Kingdom is not of this world. May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ grant you His power and strength to break free from your old mindsets and renew your mind through His Holy Spirit into the mind of Christ and restoring you to who He created you to be.

You are not like anyone else.  “My beloved is mine and I am His…” Song of Solomon 2:16. You are dearly loved and cherished and through God’s grace are able to do great things.

No longer allow your eyes to be blinded to the limitations of the world or culture you are apart of. No longer allow your ears to be deafened to the voice of God because those around you have drowned out His voice with theirs. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and ears senstive and open to His voice. For “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

“Hear, you deaf, and look, you blind, that you may see” Isaiah 42:18

For when we are not looking to Jesus or listening to His voice, we are not abiding in Him and His ways but our own. When we are not seeking Him, then we become dull of hearing and seeing and our hearts begin to harden as we are not being filled with the source of life. For  to do the work of the Lord, we must be delighted in Him and His ways. We must be led by the Spirit in all truth and obedient to His moving. May you hear and look so that you may not be blinded to the truth but able to see it and recieve it. We must be wholly His, not to be robots but to be set free from that mould of being numbered and without direction and come into a life of freedom and joy as we live in harmony with our Creator and Lord!

You are set apart. You are His and He is yours. May you abide in Him and choose to be fixed on Him and allow Him to move through you without boundries and use you for His beautiful plan. He will never leave or forsake you, but will bring you to a place where He can do greater works than He. This is all for His glory, may you realize His love for you and rest in that.


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