A Passion for Greatness

The past week I have been mulling over constantly this thought of greatness. I was struck with a deep revelation that I needed to do something great with my life. That I needed to begin to live fearlessly and do great things for the Lord.

Then after talking to a few people along the road, I stopped, pondered and then it hit me.

God will do great things as I do little things out of His great love.

Simple isn’t it?

We all dream of doing something great. Of impacting the world in indescrible ways and transforming ourselves and others. And I pray that the fire within you only continues to burn and ignite and it will be an unquenchable flame. For we are to do great things for the Lord, however those great things come from obeying Him in even the littlest things. For when He entrusts us with little, He can then entrust with us greater things, for there will be no place for pride but humility to accept that only He can do great things through us. For we are merely dust, we are merely jars of clay in the hands of the Almighty Potter who has destined us for greatness at His call.

For yes I believe I can do great things, but I have faith only in the possibility of it because I have faith in my God. That He is the greatest One who all things are possible for. I can merely do no good thing apart from Him and if He has called me to be obedient in living through the simpliest life-then through that, I will call upon His name to do great things through all things. For I was seeking to do something great, to stand before people and proclaim His name and see millions come to know Him-and I pray that He will arise people who will do such things for His Kingdom; maybe that will be me, and maybe it won’t be. But I have now been blessed to see, that if I have a call of greatness, it is a call to live out regardless of where I am, who I am surrounded by and what I am doing-because my God is great and therefore all that I do, if it is for His glory, then He can make it great. For when we are willing, He can move. When we are living selflessly for Him, then He can be seen. For when we lower ourselves, He can be exemplified and glorified and through our humility, His greatness can be seen.

For what is greatness other than God being glorified? For what is love if Jesus is not at the center? and what is life if we are constantly trying to live through our own strength than being empowered by His?

I believe that through Him and His grace, He can do great things through me. And I will stand in faith to acknowledge that here; right here where I am planted, He can do greater things than I could ever imagine, because He is the only one to be glorified and through the littlest ounce of great, deep love-Jesus can be seen and felt.

And I believe that you too are made for greatness.

Right where you are, with all that you have, and whoever surrounds you. You have the potential to live for something great and unshakable, the Kingdom of God. It all starts with a seed. For as we’ve heard, even the greatest oak tree was once a seed that planted, grew roots and strengthened itself so it could flourish, grow and become great. Not by anything itself did but by the way the ecosystem helps it. Therefore, we ourselves cannot do anything great alone, we are a seed that as we seek the Lord, He can strengthen us, He can root us in His Word and He will use us as much as we are willing to lay down in humility and let Him use us in whatever way. For in everyway, we allow Him to use us is great. There is no limit and there is no minimum, for a heart yeilded to the Lord can do great things. And as we seek His face, and allow heaven to invade earth through our lives and actions-then and only then will we be living for something great-Jesus Christ.03580e6912c3ac38fbcafa3ed3e5c007

Now not out of pride or boastfullness, but out of humility to understand that Jesus has destined us for greatness, for victory and for a life to bring Him glory and honor. How else can we bring Him glory if we do not let His greatness be seen through us.

For I believe in James when it talks about the importance of living out what we believe rather than just being hearers of the Word. For the Word of God is living, so we must also be living, moving, and stepping forth in faith to let this living water flow through us and burst out of us into others. For if He is always moving, why do we stand still? Why do we wait for a clear and distinct call rather than moving forth in the faith we have through Jesus Christ to obey His Word?

For He has said, “If you love me, keep my commands.” John 14:15. John 15:10 sheds a bit more light on understanding this, “If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love.” For Jesus lived the life we are commanded to do so, He commands us to step out in faith and to love Him deeply, honestly with all that we have.

I have this desire within me, this crazy dream actually that maybe, just maybe, my life will be more than just me trying to exist. Within my heart is something burning to be released, not only that, but to set others on fire to have a deep realization that they too have the ability to do somthing great. With whatever they have, wherever they are and with all that they hold onto.

Within me is something that I pray will not be quenced, but only ignited more. For I am being prepared for the marathon. I am ready to jump head first into all that the Lord has prepared for me, and why do I say this?

Because I have come to see that it is either all or nothing. I have nothing without Him and therefore, I cannot hold onto anything but Him. Nothing in this world can satisfy this burning passion and I desire nothing else too. I am ready for Him to flow through me and take me to greater heights, not for my own self but because I trust that as He leads me, I will become less and He will become greater. I do not want my name to be said but His name to be praised. I do not want to be known, but simply that He makes His name known through an outpour of His love. I am simply a vessel, I am simply dust that He has taken and formed into something that although was not worthy, He cleansed and deemed worthy to carry forth His life into the world.

Although I myself have nothing great or anything worthwhile but the love of Jesus which is all the world needs.

So why did I write this blog?

I believe in the words that Jesus spoke when He said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12

And I believe that you hold all that this world needs and even more. You have something this world needs. And His name if Jesus.


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