An Abundance of Life

All I can describe this summer with is wonderfully beautiful.

Yes, I know it’s a weird description, but it’s so true.
This summer I have learned so much. I have grown even more and I am learning to enjoy every moment of every day.

I have seen The Fathers love is a greater way. I have been able to be a beacon of His love but also learn hard lessons of humility and rest.
Let me tell you this, camp life is not a real restful life.
However, Our gracious Father is teaching me how to not labour in vain but to walk with Him, allowing Him to do that which I cannot do and through that-do greater things than I could ever do or ever dream of.

This summer has been well spent. Meeting new people, getting my first horse (who is truly a gift from the Lord, her name is Agape) and countless memories of joy and laughter. Galloping and racing through fields, getting flowers, recieving an abundance of love from new family here and enjoying watching the Holy Spirit work in ways I could have only dreamed of.

The Lord is doing great things at this camp.
He is doing great work through those who are seeking Him and even greater works through those who do not yet know Him.

My life is a blessing and I couldn’t be happier. Why?
Because I do not deserve any of this, yet by His grace, He is lavishing on me beautiful things that are beyond anything I could have orchastrated myself.

I have learned how to trim horses feet, how to live in community (still working on that), how to live through Gods rest and how to love others deeply. I have learned the beauty of leadership and even better the joy of servanthood. I am learning how to recieve love from others and how to put others above myself. Horses are also teaching me many things about life and love.
I am blessed to say my job is also my passion and these horses are my ministry tool…and what a beautiful tool they are.

I could go on and on about this summer, but all I can say is the Lord always suprises me and far exceeds all things. Without Him I have nothing, but with Him I live in an abundance. For no matter how hard it is, how tiring work may be or how fustrating working with horses are- He works all things out for His good and creates beauty from chaos and also joy through perseverance.

I can’t help but smile thinking about the past two months and all that I have done and had the privledge to do, with lovely people.

I say all this to encourage you, that no matter how hard things may be. The beauty of pursuing the Lord relentlessly is worth it. The joy of following your heart and dreams, will bring so much peace-because no matter how hard it may be, it is worth it. He is worth it and He will do great things not only for you but through you. For your life is for others, to shine forth His light and love to the brokenhearted, the hopeless and the sick.

Be bold and courageous, for Our God is great and merciful and He will never leave you if He calls you somewhere. He equips the called, so you don’t have to always be equipped to be called, because His grace qualifies you.

Be so incredibly blessed, because God loves you and see’s you as worthy to inherit His Kingdom and Sonship through Jesus Christ.

I am a daughter of God and am incredibly blessed because my Father is great and wonderful and His grace enables me to live empowered by the Holy Spirit. I cannot do anything without His power and I wouldn’t want it any other ways.

Your life is for beautiful things. Learn to be a man/woman after Gods own heart and I promise you will never look back.  How do you live an abundant life? By seeking Him who is the very essence of life itself, Jesus Christ. He will bring you deep joy and love that you yourself cannot create and no matter what may come your way, when we seek Him, He will shine light into any darkness and tear down any walls-but first we must be willing, obedient and seek Him to lead us out. It is an everyday choice to choose Him rather than yourself or the world. May by His grace, you choose Him.

You are loved.

For nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37)


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