But My Home is Full

On the outskirts of a small town, lived a tiny man. Inside his home was all he owned and all he needed. As people travelling from the town over the mountain, they would bring him gifts as they passed by. They had heard about this man that had all he needed and would bring him such things they thought he might not have but wanted. However, every gift someone graciously offered, with a thankful heart, he humbly replied, “Thank you, thank you for bringing this beautiful gift for me, but I have all I need, truly I tell you, nothing else will fit in this tiny house of mine. I cannot accept this from you.” The person would smile and turn around, walking back towards the road that leads into the town. On a bright sunny day, a little girl appeared on his doorway, he opened his door and stepped out towards her. Quickly she panted, “I am thirsty, can I have something to drink?” A smile creased his face as he turned around to open his door. She begins to speak joyfully, “You know sir, everyone always talks about how full your home is. They say you don’t need anything becuase you have everything you need. But no one has ever seen your home, I am so excited to see everything!!” He grins as he walks into his little home and picks up a small hand made wooden bowl from his ground and grabs his old kettle off the fire place to pour some tea. He turns around to notice the little girl is stopped in her tracks, gazing around his almost empty house. She looks as his few blankets, a couple of hand made things, a fire place and a book. Speachless she grabs the cup being offered to her. “You know my dear, people always try to bring me things but I have all I need, for my house is full.” He walks over and picks up his old worn book. “You see this book, it’s my dads Bible, it has been in our family for generations. And through this book, I have found that Jesus is all I need. Anything else would take away space from him in my life. For my life isn’t based on what I possess but who I walk with. For the more I possess, the more I think I need. And the more I think I need and try to attain, the more I work, the more I labour and the less time I have to spend with Him and those whom I love. My life is to full of His love to want anything anyone else has to offer me, especially things of this world.”

The little girl jumps with joy as she smiles, “I want all that you have, I villagewant my house to be full!”

He gentle walks over and pours himself a cup of tea, “You know my darling, the joy of having a full home is not simply where I live but how I live. For my home is my heart and because Jesus dwells within me, my house is overflowing-there truly is no more room for anything else.”

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34

Matthew 6:19-34


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