Digging up the dirt

It’s not so much fun when we realize we have a lot more dirt in us than we thought.


If we are honest here, we try to cover up our dirt rather than let it get exposed. We don’t want others to see our hands dirty, we would rather look cleaned up. But that’s where we allow the devil to get a foothold in us, rather than acknowledging our problems, we cover them, burry them and allow them to fester within us. Creating more problems than if we were to deal with it, pick up the carpet and sweep it out.

I am thankful that Our Lord knows every piece of us. He knows us, even the deepest secrets, the biggest fears and the memories we look past. Yet He loves us just as we are, where we are. He loves us even with all our dirt and loves for nothing more than to help us get clean. He will help revealsevery aspect of our hearts at one point or another. Not to blame us or bring us to see ourselves as dirty people but to see how great His love for us is and how deep His grace and wash through. He longs to see His beloved children whole in Him, no longer covering up our problems and sins but laying them down at His feet and allowing Him to heal us, restore us and make us whole so that our lives will be full of Him, of life. For once we let go of all the dirt, we will only have a life of fullness through Christ. How I see it, is He knows when we reveal the next aspect for us to walk through, with Him.

You see, there are many times we will notice something in ourselves but will push it away, shove the dirt back under the carpet and carry on. Because we ourselves are not able to make it through it, for we don’t know how to deal with it, we aren’t sure what’s even the root cause of it. All we know is there is something in our hearts, whether it be an inseccurity, a fear or an addiction that we know is there but may not have acknowledged its stronghold upon our lives, our hearts and our minds.

However, praise the Lord that He is our saving grace, that He is our Redeemer and our Savior. For when the time is right, He will allow the carpet to be lifted and the dirt to be revealed but this time, instead of running He will woe you back to deal with it-to face it-face to face and work through it. To clean it up and remove it.

It isn’t easy and it’s scary.

For none of us enjoy acknowledging that we have issues. That we have problems we need to face within ourselves.

It’s hard to admit we may need help, to seek the Lord and then seek wise council to hold us up as we walk through the process of healing.

But one thing I can tell you, is it’s worth it.

I see our hearts as an onion. We are layers upon layers upon layers that one piece at a time the Lord will acknowledge we need to peel it back and strip it away.

For once we has stripped us of everything that is gross, smelly and well, to say it nicely, makes us cry and cringe. We will no longer be a shell of onion but of His radiant beauty.

Once we were justified by Him (acknowledging that Jesus is Lord and believing in Hm) we are now being sanctified.

A process of being set apart. Of being renewed by His Word and Truth and putting of our old self (the onion, to put it frankly) and being clothed with our new self,  The Lord Jesus Christ.

“Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
1 Thessalonians 5:23

(Romans 5; Hebrews 10)

Wait on the Lords timing to allow Him to purify and refine you. If you haven’t, dig into the Bible and read it. It is a book of redemption, of forgivness and of reconciling us back to our Father in Heaven.

No matter what the dirt is in your life, I believe you can work through it by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit who once accepting Jesus, lives in you. Nothing is impossible for God, and although it may seem hard and unbearable for you-there is a way and Jesus is it.

“Submit yourselves unto God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”
James 4:7

To encourage you a bit, just like in a field that hasn’t been tilled in a while. The dirt becomes hard. Nothing can grow and nothing that is planted will ever bring forth life. But once the dirt is broken up, some dirt removed and soil replacing it. The ground that was one hard and unfruitfull will begin to bear much fruit and growth will come up from the once dry ground. But for that to happen, one most acknowledge that the ground needs tilling, needs care and something needs to be removed and added.
My dear friend, may you remove all the things in your heart that are keeping you from the Lord Jesus and may you recieve Him as your Lord and Savior. For if you haven’t yet, that is the greatest way to water your dry, bitter heart and allow it to soften and for growth to occur.

This is not the end, just the beginning of a beautiful full life.



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