If I could say anything


The world is awaiting you. People need you-for you bring something to this world that no one else has. You can do something beautiful right where you are. You can make a better life for yourself and others.

A lot of the time fear keeps us from saying what we really want to say.

I’ve come to see that people who are passing away speak their hearts and say everything they haven’t yet said because that fear is diminishing.

I hope we can be people who say what needs to be said here and now, rather than waiting till it may be too late.

For often we miss saying something to a loved one, a friend or someone passing us by because we feel it may not be necessary right now, or because we fear what they might say or not say.

If I could say anything to you, this would be it.

Don’t let this world define you.

This world is passing you by, and I believe that our life here and now is preparing us for eternity. This life is not to change you but for you to change it by the grace of Our Father. Where you change it as you pass through it. You have the ability to leave it better, to make a difference right where you are, at the job you have, with the family you’ve been given and with the gifting’s that God has blessed you with.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Don’t let others determine your value and how you value yourself.

Don’t let this world consume you. For this world isn’t the purpose of your life, eternity is what you are living towards.

This life is short, this life is to prepare us for eternity.

And above all else; You are loved. So deeply. You are valued, not in the ways of the world but by Him who died for you and rose again so you could also live with Him.

Why we feel that we will never die, is because we know in our hearts that this life is not the end.

And women may you realize your worth is not based on beauty.

And men may you realize, your worth is not based on what job you have or how successful you are.

Your worth is based on your character, for that is pleasing in the sight of God.

He cares more about who you are than what you do. He cares more about your heart than your outward appearance or material possessions.

I pray that these words reach deep within your heart and by the Lords touch, heal every broken piece. I pray that He speaks to your brokenness and hurt and reveals His unfailing love for you. I ask that He reminds you of who you are and who you were created to be, His beloved child. May He bring you back to His arms and cleanse you in Jesus name.

This life is a beautiful journey, but when our lives come to an end on earth, it is not the end, it is just the beginning. For we have eternity to spend. How are you living on earth? What eternity are you preparing yourself for?

I hope that you do not feel as though I am preaching at you or saying this to create fear in you or to even make you convert. I am saying this because it is real and if I were to pass away, I wouldn’t want anything on my heart to be left unsaid. I believe that Jesus died and rose again, so through Him we could overcome death and spend eternity with Him in heaven rather than in hell. To me that is beautiful, because His ways are simple, He is merciful, He is loving and He is for you. May you come to see that your life has a bigger purpose than you may know, it is to live in His light, shinning it to the world so that darkness may become less.  Although some would say this life is long, in the whole picture of eternity, it seems a bit short. For what we do on this earth, prepares us for eternity. And yes this world has darkness and evil, yet there is Him who is light and good.

What are you going to live for?

Some people think that if you come to know Jesus as Lord then life will be easy and simple. Or some people think that they will be bound by rules and a religion. When the truth is, Jesus came to redeem all people, to show the broken hope, to heal the sick, to set all those who struggle with addictions free and to save the lost. He is for all of us, and He loves each of us as we are. He longs for us just to love Him with all that we have and to live our lives glorifying Him through the decisions we make, the words we speak, the way we treat others. He wants us to choose Him and to walk this life with Him so others may come to see that He truly is the way, the life and the truth. No matter what comes our way, with Christ or without, life is life, and it will always bring new challenges, there will be pains and hurts. However when we have Jesus as Lord in our lives, we have a hope that these things are not the end. We have wisdom from His Word how to live a better, more fulfilling life here and now. We now live, not just for storing up earthly treasures that will one day pass us by, but for a heavenly kingdom where we will spend eternity with Him who loves us.

You are loved just as you are, where you are.

Life is beautiful and it’s a journey.

May even through the hard times, heart break and despair you see that it is not the end, that there is hope in Jesus.

May you realize that all the emptiness you feel can be filled, by Him who is what our hearts truly want. Everything else is filler and will leave you wanting more.

In Him is forgiveness, in Him there is life to the fullest and through Him there is a love that knows no bounds.

If I could say anything, it would be to not let this world define you-for you were created in the image of God Himself, to be set apart and be you! He created you, as you are, with all your uniqueness, talents and strengths to bring to this world something it doesn’t have. You are defined by God Himself, not by anyone else.

May you live this life to the fullest. Loving others and loving God. You can leave this world a lot better than how you came into it. You can make a difference in at least one persons life. You have the choice to live in light of eternity or to live in the moment.

Also life may not always look how you picture it, and things will come that will throw you off balance but don’t let those things tear you apart. Set your eyes on Jesus and trust in Him to walk with you through it.

I believe in you. I know that your heart is good and that you are capable of greater things. I think you are wonderful and you have a purpose to do something beautiful with this life. Be encouraged to never give up, to never stop but to keep walking. For the joy set before you, there is something greater you can live for. Jesus stands before you, waiting to walk with you.

Be so blessed my friend, You are loved.

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:29-30



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