Don’t Remain Where You Are.


I was reading a story the other day and since, I haven’t really been able to shake it.

It’s a story about Peter.

He was one of the men who was a disciple of Jesus.

He was a fisherman until Jesus called him to follow Him.

This story is when Jesus was walking on water,

Everyone else that was on the boat and saw this, cried out thinking He was a ghost.

Jesus spoke, ‘Take Courage. It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

Peter however called out and said, “Lord, if that is you. Call me to come to you on the water.”

In one simple word, He said, ‘Come.’

Peter climbed out of the boat, onto the stormy water surface and begun to walk.

However when Peter looked at the storm around him, he got afraid and begun to sink, calling out,

‘Lord, Save me!”

Jesus immediately reached out His hand and caught him, saying, ‘You of little faith, why did you doubt?’

Matthew 14:22-33

When I’ve read this before, I always walked away thinking about keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus.

That whenever we begin to take our eyes off of Him, and looking at the things around us. The storm, the wind, the waves – we become afraid and begin to doubt.

Doubting ourselves and God.

We fear that if we step out, God won’t follow through.

That He will let us sink, that He won’t remain true to His word.

But that isn’t the case, especially after reading this story.

Jesus remained faithful in that moment with Peter. Jesus didn’t move or do anything, Peter was the one whom looked away and got afraid that is when he begun to sink.

But when we keep our eyes always fixed on Him, our faith strengthens as we are able to see that He remains true to who He is, faithful, loving, just, gentle, and merciful.

However this time when I read this passage,

I questioned why Peter asked Jesus to call him over.

When everyone else was terrified, Peter asked to come.

Why did he ask? Why didn’t he just jump out of the boat? Why did he want to go to Jesus rather than asking Jesus to come into the boat with them? 

Peter was a fisherman, staying on the boat was something he was use to before he met Jesus.

He knew how to handle situations, go through storms, that was his comfortable place, his safety zone.

Yet, he saw Jesus and believed.

He saw that it was safer to be where Jesus was even if it wasn’t where he was more comfortable to be.

It was better to be with the King of kings out in the open water, standing on faith than remaining where he was.

It completely undoes me to see the faith that Peter had.

Sure when he went out onto the water, he begun to get afraid, but look at his heart.

He called upon the Lord, asked Him to call him closer and jumped out of his safety net to follow.

He took courage, and trusted that God would sustain him and to me that encourages my weak heart.

It encourages me to call upon the Lord and ask Him to bring me where He is, in the situations I face,

Rather than staying where I think is comfortable or safe.

Because regardless of the situation I face, He is there, waiting for me to call upon Him. For me to seek Him in the midst of a storm and have faith to ask Him to call me over, to step out onto the raging sea and believe that where He is, is far far greater than where I was.

And even when we step out with courage, we need faith to sustain us, we need to keep our eyes fixed on Him who can only sustain us , so we can walk to Him rather than sinking because of our own fears, insecurities, doubts.

Peter stepped out in boldness when the other disciples on the boat, probably tried discouraging him. They didn’t ask to come to Jesus, but Peter did. And I have spent far too much of my life caring what others think, whether they will laugh at my faith, or try to discourage me, regardless, it doesn’t matter. My life is not meant to be lived by the opinions of others but my heart before the Lord. Because I would rather be out on the water, even sinking, than remaining where I was, than staying where others are; afraid to be bold in the way we live or act.

If we have enough heart to take courage and believe, regardless if we stumble and fall, all we need is to continue to call upon His name, to ask Him for help and He will reach out without hesitation to pick us up, to carry us, to speak words of courage and truth back into us.

Those who are willing to take a step out in faith to something that seems impossible to others is because they see something we don’t.

They have a glimpse of hope – an impulse of courage to say yes when everything else is telling us to stay put and deal with what we are going through on our own.

Peter on the boat – called out to Jesus to take him where He was standing, because I believe, He knew somewhere deep in his heart, that he could no longer depend on his own strength or power to save himself.

He believed that Jesus was the son of God, and that going out to Him, even on a limb, was beyond greater than staying where he was and struggling to keep the boat afloat.

We ask Jesus to take us deeper and He’s already standing there, saying, ‘Come, my beloved, come.’

Peter called out in faith, not knowing what the answer would be, but he stood alone calling out, no one else did.

He was willing.

He was brave.

He called out, waiting for the One in whom He trusted, to call him out.

How often do we not even ask God to bring us where He is or to see Him where He already stands?

We aren’t like Peter for the most part, we lack faith to even call out in the first place.

To call out to God who can do the impossible and bring us to where He is.

We are in need of hearts that are courageous, willing to call out regardless how scary our situation is, believing that calling out to Him is far better than remaining where we are, where we may know to survive on our own – but to jump out to Him because life is far greater than just surviving on our own strength.

I pray that we would have courage, that we would be people who aren’t afraid to call upon Him for help, that we would keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and live by faith not sight. That we would be willing to go where He is rather than remaining where we are. That we would not let the ideas or judgment of others hold us back, but like Peter, we would step out in faith to trust the only One who can uphold us , Christ Jesus.

Whatever situation you face today, whether you are on the boat or calling to Jesus to call you to Him, may you have courage. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus or God, may you find courage to face the situation before you and step out regardless how scary it is rather than remaining where you have been.

“Courage dear heart.” C.S Lewis

“I promise you, these storms are only trying to wash you clean.” Jessica Kaatoff


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