My Heart Breaks.

My heart breaks.

It breaks when I think of people silently going through issues and don’t feel safe enough to ask for help.

It breaks when I hear stories of children being abused.

It breaks when I am soberly reminded that people are dying everyday because they can’t get enough food or water.

It shatters when I realize I’m not doing enough to step up to stand in those gaps.

I fall apart when I am reminded that Jesus calls us to come,

To come out into the light of His love and stand in that gap.

To put behind us the things of this world we grasp on so tightly to and grab ahold of Him.

I am humbled when I am reminded that this life isn’t just about me,

And that I am actually called to die to myself.

For He loves us so much, more than I can fathom,

More than I can understand.

Because if I did understand, I would be loving the world as He does.

And I want too,

I pray that we have hearts that love as He does,

So that others may know that although this world isn’t perfect,

And there’s heart break and brokenness,

We are living with our eyes fixed on eternity rather than what we temporary face.

Oh how easy I lose sight of that,

And how much I fall short of living a life honouring to our God.

How quick I turn to trying to get greater at something,

Focusing more on me and what I want,

Rather than looking to Him and laying all I have down so that others may come to know Him,

The only One who can save, redeem, heal and give hope.

Because truthfully,

It’s not about me trying to achieve some dreams,

Or buying more things,

Or making my name known.

It’s about me laying down my life as Jesus did so that He can be glorified.

It’s not about me becoming great,

But rather me becoming nothing so that He may be great.

That He may be seen,

That He may be glorified and that others are able to see Him through me rather than just me getting in the way.

And it breaks my heart when I lose sight of that.

Come, come just as you are.

Come with your brokenness,

Come with your pain,

Come with your sorrows,

Come with your guilt and shame.

Come with your loneliness,

Come with your addictions,

Come with your problems.

Come with your passions,

Come with your love,

Come with all that you carry,

Come just as you are.

Because He calls us every day,

Inviting us to come.

To come to Him so that others may have a glimpse of His love,

Of His hope,

Of His life.

To come to Him so that He may be able to touch someone’s life.

To come to Him even in our brokenness and imperfections so that others may see that even in our messy lives – Jesus is real and He does heal. He does set free and He does redeem.

To come to Him – to step out into this world and no longer sit back waiting for some invitation but rather realizing we already have one.

Because there are people who need us to come – they need us to rise up and be men and women who love the Lord with all our heart.

They need us to spend time with our Father so that we may be vessels ready to poured out into this hurting and broken world.

And that’s something I have realized, others need me to be immersed in Jesus because they don’t need me – they need Him in me.

For I’m not good enough, I don’t have anything of myself to offer this world, to offer the brokenness, the injustice, the wrong – if I don’t have Jesus.

I don’t want to lose sight that He has called us to step up out of the darkness to be beacons of His light,

But we must stand up.

We must stand up, not just as Christians but as men and woman who live in this broken world.

Who will choose to say no to bullying, to the wrong people do, the brokenness, the struggling;

And love them.

And I ask myself, “What am I doing to let them know they aren’t alone – that they aren’t forgotten about, that there is hope, there is life and there is love?”

My heart shatters and I hope it doesn’t get put back together,

Because I no longer want to lose sight of all the brokenness.

I no longer want to go through life not knowing all that is happening and all that must be done.

For I wish I could stand up and speak to the world,

Even just for a few seconds – to call people up to stand in the gap for those who have no voice and give them one.

Because even in the darkest places, His light can shine in.

For although I am just one person.

Someone who doesn’t have a lot to offer others in the eyes of the world,

I hold the greatest gift but I must be willing to share it and not neglect it.

Because although I have just a little life to offer,

Jesus can take that and use it for His glory.

Because He is the greatest gift.

I no longer want to lose sight of the world and all the brokenness.

I want what breaks His heart to break mine.

I want a passion for injustice and for His justice.

I want peace, I want hope to shine in and I want the lost to be saved.

And this is an invitation to you too,

To stand in the gap.

To intercede for those who can’t save themselves,

To step out to do what you can, with what you have, where you are to be a beacon for our Lord to shine through.

May you be courageous as you live – no longer living for yourself but for the King.

The amazing thing about His grace is that He doesn’t call us when we are perfect, He calls us just as we are to come and stand in the gap.

I couldn’t imagine a greater joy than hoping to one day standing before Him and know I didn’t live this life in vain.


Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”
Matthew 16:24-25


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