Give Me New Eyes.

It’s easy to miss seeing what’s around us.

To actually look past the people who stand before us,

To not truly look at the beauty in our day to day lives,

And to keep waking up, going through the same routine and carrying on with our lives –

Wondering why we are always wanting more,

Day dreaming of our ‘dream job’ or a day when we are truly fulfilled in our life.

I’ve noticed that we actually long for that.

We long for the day when we will be truly ‘happy’, truly alive,

And so we try to think of ways to attain that,

Well only if I go there, or live here or look like that –

Then I’ll be happier, then I’ll be living the dream, then I’ll be truly satisfied.

But in the midst of all that,

We have missed something.

We have missed stopping to pray, ‘Lord, give me new eyes.’

‘Give me new eyes to see the beauty that you have already placed before me,

To see the people that you have gracioiusly brought into my life,

To see them and love them, to live life with them and enjoy their company,

To be fully present when talking with them, when being with them.

Give me new eyes to see the joy in my life, the ability I have to wake up and choose to live this day well.

To wake up with great anticipation that He is up to something magnificent and I want to be apart of that.

To no longer just see what I don’t have,

But to wake up and see the abundance that I do have.

To give me eyes to see His hand upon our lives,

To see all that He has done, is doing and is preparing us to do for His Kingdom.

But mostly, to give me eyes to not miss out on what He has called us to do right where we are.

To be fully present and embrace this beautiful life.

To wake up, regardless if we love or hate our job, and choose to see the good in it.

To wake up knowing that this day matters and this day can be a great day.

Because you see, I want new eyes.

I want eyes to always see the gift of life that is before me and not miss out.

To not look back one day and realized that all along I could have been living a great life,

The life I always dreamed of,

The life I longed for.

But I was so caught up in wanting more that I missed all that I really had.

I think what I need most in my life is perspective – are eyes to see.

So that’s what I am praying for,

‘Lord, give me eyes to see that I may not miss what you have placed before me. What you have asked me to do right where I am, the people you have brought into my life, the season you have called me too, the job you have so graciously given me and the life you are offering me to embrace. Give me eyes to see you in the midst of it all, in the trials, the heart ache, the troubles, the challenges. Give me eyes to no longer just see a lack, but to see the utter abundance you have given me. To not look with worldly eyes but to see through eyes looking at eternity, coming to realize that an abundance is to you compared to this world. Father, give me eyes to see beauty in the midst of it all, and to live well right where I am.’

And I fall short of doing this,

But I long for it.

I long for these eyes and know that life is a daily choice,

To daily wake up and pick up our cross.

To daily wake up and fix our eyes on Jesus.

To daily wake up and know that He is God and a beautiful King.

For life becomes brighter when we do those things.

I look less at what I feel I am missing in life and see all that I have.

For I still get caught up in wanting more out of my life,

But out of that hunger I have noticed what I am truly seeking.

The more that I have come to want more,

The more that I am coming to see how to get more out of the life I have.

From where I am, what I’m doing and whose around me.

To wake up and do the things I love,

To wake up and do my best to wear my heart on my sleeve and to not just wait for things to come my way but to work towards them happening.

To do what I said I would do and to make conscious efforts to write down my dreams, my goals and then chase them with all my heart.

For life isn’t something that will one day just come, and get brighter, or become ‘better’

It’s happening right now and is a precious gift.

A gift that is how we steward it and how we embrace it.

So here is my challenge for you,

To pray for new eyes.

To wake up and choose life.

To enjoy the little things and realize it all matters.

It’s not what you do that makes the difference but who you are and your attitude towards it.

For it’s your choice how you handle situations, how you handle people and how you see life.

And that’s an awesome thing, because you are able to live your life wholly for the Lord right where you are.

To love those around you, to face hardships praising the Lord and to choose joy in the midst of it all.

Because we all want to live the perfect life or the life we’ve imagined,

But that life comes from the inside first – it’s not what we have or get that will bring what we are longing for.

It comes from our hearts content with ourselves.

And believe me, even as I type this, I need to hear this, I need to do this.

I am just sharing little pieces of knowledge or insight that I have gained over the short little while,

And in no way do I have it figured out, aha not even close.

But I write this in hopes that we will strive for this,

That we will courageously live and even when we fall short,

To be reminded of our gracious King’s love and pick ourselves back up to walk with Him.

Because your life is precious,

You have wonderful gifts that can do beautiful things right where you are.

Use them, break out of the chains that are keeping you from being you and the things that are holding you back and go out into this day to do something wonderful!

You are loved.

And you are able to embrace your life – to make the most of it.

So don’t look at what others have and what everyone else is doing,

Do what you can with what you have and where you are,

It matters because you matter.



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