The Truth About Change.



Well for starters,

Change is hard.

It’s actually similar to the weather for me,

Coming when I’m not quite expecting it,

Or when I don’t feel ready for it.

It’s sometimes disappointing,

And most of the time, takes a bit of time to adjust back into living in it.

However I know that beyond that analogy; changes are difficult, overbearing and scary.

I’ve been there and continue to get to places where met with unforeseen changes that leave me wanting to run back to how life was.

But the truth about change,

Is it’s beautiful and it’s good.

And it’s somewhat unavoidable.

Which if I’m being honest,

Although I hate to say it because I’m not a fan of change,

It’s always ends up being good.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve fought to see the good in it,

Or if I try my hardest to not stay in a place of resistance to it for too long.

But somehow no matter how hard and stripping change is at first,

Immense beauty flows out of it as I begin to not resist but rather settle into it, with arms open wide, embracing all that it brings.

However first it’s always gritting my teeth, a few tears shed and fighting my way through the hard things;

The differences, the things I have to adjust too, the parts that weren’t like what I had and then allowing myself to see that there are new wonderful things that help me see the good in this change after all.

For that’s one of the greatest realizations about change,

Life won’t be like how it was before.

And that’s okay.

Although maybe what you had before seemed perfect,

But I promise that when you’re able to let go of holding onto that high expectation, that it will be the exact same as life before this change,

It’ll get easier and you’ll see at least one good thing out of it for you.

But as long as you keep holding up the past above what you have now,

It will always fall short and it’ll be far too easy to stay miserable about the change.

And I believe you when you say this change is hard and you don’t like it,

I feel that.

But it’s only when we accept the change,

See that it’s different, mourning the losses of what we loved of where we were at before,

And seeing the new beauty that awaits us,

Will we be able to not only enjoy where we are but allow ourselves to grow through the process.

Change is a refining process that I feel the Lord allows us to go through where we see what we aren’t in control of, and how life is constantly fleeting,

But that He remains the same and wherever we are,

No matter how hard it seems, we are able to be content.

Because our God is with us.

But I acknowledge we are all at different stages of life and season,

So whatever season of life you’re at,

All that I said above can be hard to hear,

Because right now, change isn’t a good thing,

It’s not what you’ve wanted,

It’s daunting and you’d do anything to have life back to what it was.

And I’m sorry that life is hard,

I’ve been there, not the same as you,

However I know a glimpse of it and it hurts and it’s overwhelming.

But for some in different seasons,

Change is welcomed with open arms and it feels easy.

Adaptability also comes with different personalities,

There are some of you who thrive off change.

You love living a life of constant adjusting,

Moving and picking up your life, jumping head on into something new whenever is possible.

(Lucky you!)


But for some of us,

Change isn’t what we seek out.

Actually it’s something we probably tend to avoid.

Not because change is horrible,

But because it takes a lot of work to go with the punches.

That’s why we need to press into change rather than running away or avoiding it.


It’s worth being embraced,

Worth jumping into with full abandon,

And rather than seeing all that isn’t the same as before,

Making it your own.

Making it your own in the sense of,

Whatever the change is,

Starting to do things everyday that you enjoy,

Allowing what’s different to happen and keeping a few things that you can the same.

It’s about learning to look to the Lord in the midst of the things that seem tiring, overbearing and that we desperately want to hold onto and let it go.

I get that we all handle change different,

We all have different coping mechanisms for stress,

And we all are going through different changes.

But the biggest thing we all have in common,

Is a God who remains the same despite our changes.

He is in our midst and asking us to loosen our grip so He can give us rest,

While everything around us feels chaotic.

Change for some of us may be moving, job changes, friends leaving,family passing away for relationships ending.

Change me be health issues, it may be a much needed change, or a change we are resistant too.

It may be a change that we still have to step out of and into a different change.

I’m not here telling you how to cope with change,

Or whether where you are is the right place to be,

Or telling you what you should or shouldn’t be feeling.

It’s still yours to hold,

To walk through,

To grieve what was,

And come to terms with being okay with what is.

Some change is easy, it’s fun, it’s simple.

Where walking into it is like opening white curtains and walking onto a beach in Italy,

But other changes….not so much.

Those changes are more like; waking up in a dark room unable to breathe,

Or where it feels like it’s constantly raining outside.

And then there’s changes all in between those ones.

However I am here to tell you that you’ll make it,

That you’ll be okay.

That you are able to adapt to this change,

Even if that means fighting your way in it.

However you can’t do it alone,

For I have come to see that only Our Father in heaven can sustain us.

Only He can bring us clarity when all we want to see is what’s hard and the negative.

It’s Him who shines light onto darkness and clears the way for us to walk,

Who speaks His truths back to us when we’re overwhelmed and uncertain.

Apart from Him,

Change for me at least,

Is overbearing and far from easy.

But as I look to Him (which is far from easy, because I want to remain focused on what’s hard or what used to be)

He reminds me of His goodness,

He reminds me that as I trust in Him with all that’s unknown,

All that’s different,

All that was taken,

I am able to move forward and embrace where I am with full abandon and a whole heart.

For He allows me to work through the process of letting go,

The process of sometimes being mad with where I was brought,

Or a change that I didn’t want to happen,

And soften my heart to it all so that I may see Him still standing beside me in it.

But it takes a lot to turn to look at Him,

For we get lazy,

We get tired,

We try to distract ourselves with lots of other things than coming before Him.

And I urge you to look to Him in the midst of the change you face,

Whether good or hard,

Rejoicing that He is faithful and never leaves your nor forsakes you,

And because of His grace and goodness,

You’re able to adapt and thrive where you are,

Grieving maybe what/who you’ve lost,

And slowly let go so that wherever you are,

You may be fully present and bask in all the beauty that surrounds you.

Praying that our Father meets you where you’re at,

That He softens your heart and opens your eyes so that you may see His goodness around you and be reminded of all that He does hold and wants to hold for you.

May He continue to renew your mind and joy.

May He allow you to see all that surrounds you and awaits to be discovered.

In Jesus name, may His grace abound over you as you adjust to this new change.

You’re loved + you’re capable.



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