What We All Want More Of, Time.


We brought Rye home back in October.

And since then,

Let me tell ya,

He has been quite the character.

One of the easiest pups we’ve had so far,

But just goofy.

If any dog could be in a Circus,

It could be this one.

So why I named this little guy Rye,

Well it has to do a bit about time.

In Ecclesiastes Chapter Three,

It starts off with,

“For everything there is a season, and a time for everything..”

Which in October,

After moving from my job,


And just getting married,

Found it fitting for this new pups name to be Rye.

As wheat goes through seasons,

Needing each one.

One for seeds to be sown,

One for it to be grown,


And harvested.

And how each season we go through,

Whether in the moment seems to be what we had imagined it to be,

Or hard,

Full of challenges,

Or better than we thought,

We can learn through them all and each time our character shaped a bit more.

And through pondering about seasons,



And how to steward it well,

How to embrace it,

How to live intentionally even when it’s hard,

And how to continue to allow myself to be taught when I would rather run back to where I came from.

It brought me to read books,

Seek the Lord,

And come to the conclusion that we have come to see time wrong.

For we tend to feel that there isn’t enough time,

That if only we had more time,

If only we truly knew how much time we had,

We could then make a difference.

We come to think of time as being lost,

Or something to be seized,

Or captured.

We tend to maybe waste our time wanting what others have,

Dwelling on what once was,

Or what could have been.

When in reality,

Time is best stewarded being given away.

Our time is limited,

And in our culture now a day,

It is far too easy to let time go past,

Sitting on our phones,

Rather than living in the moments.

It is far too easy to sit and think of what could be,

Rather than just stepping out and embracing what is and what you have.

For we paralyze ourselves thinking that we need to do something great,

Something world changing,

Or else it is meaningless.

But again,

That isn’t the best use of our time.

For it is the things maybe unseen that give our life meaning,

The prayers,

The relationships,

The love we pour into all that we do,

That brings us meaning in life.

We see time worthwhile is the time being so busy we don’t enjoy it,

Rather than walking down the river licking dripping ice cream and basking in the warm sun.

The worlds view on time will always leave us hungrier and more hopeless,

Thinking we are not doing enough,

Or haven’t made an impact.

When it is those who are steadfast,

Those who keep doing all they are doing with intent and love,

Who take time to listen to others,

To pray with them,

To ask them their names,

That are making the most use of their time.

So let me ask you this,

What will you do today with your time?

How will you live each moment with intent? 

Because that’s the funny thing about time,

It doesn’t wait when we stop living and start waiting for something maybe more,

‘Worthwhile to do’,

And believe me,

I have begun to learn how precious time is,

How words matter,

And how I treat those around me impacts – whether good or bad,

But mostly,

I have come to see the weight that paralyzes me from using my time,

When I feel that what I am doing is purposeless,

And isn’t big enough for God.

What a lie that is,

But a lie that I believe too many of us get sucked into believing.

Believing that we aren’t enough,

That what we’re doing isn’t enough,

That the Lord has called us to do ‘great’ things and here I am falling short,

That the only difference made is those in ministry or those going and saving lives,

That my little life is meaningless if I’m not continually doing something,

Even reading all that I can feel time being sucked.

Now don’t get me wrong,

I do think that the best use of our lives is being laid down for the Lord,

And that’s the point I’m trying to make.

I’m not saying that we aren’t meant to use our time here for His eternal glory,

But what I am saying is I feel we have come to believe false messages about how we should use our time,

And in that,

Some of us,

In all of our over-thinking,

Are stopped in our tracks,

Caught up in anxiety,

Rather than living,

Because we believe we aren’t doing enough. 

And in that time is wasted for us as we focus on things that don’t bring us life.

We worry too much about how we look,

Spend a lot of our time trying to ‘better’ ourselves,

And even more time working, toiling, rather than with our loved ones.

We busy ourselves,

Get too focused on success,

Trying to earn approval whether by our looks, job or self,

Throwing away the good news for a life that continually leaves us wanting more,

No wait,

Needing more to feel some sort of meaning,

But leaving us restless and struggling,

Wrestling to find something that will give us peace,

Something that will give us rest.

But the thing is,

We already have that,

But it costs us more than something we’re willing to give.

It costs us our self,

Our need for control over our lives,

Our worries in how others will see us,

Our desire to live with all the things we want,

Our longing to look a certain way.

But wait,

There’s something to rejoice about,

Something that gives us hope and a future,

For through letting go of the things that have consumed our time,

When we rest in our Fathers love for us,

The gospel sets us free from self, from toiling, from tyranny,

Rather than the message of the world which leaves us feeling weary and entangled.

And believe me,

I know that this isn’t just a quick fix,

And that once you believe in Jesus,

You’re perfect and your life is care free.

Life is a constant struggle between our flesh and spirit,

But in believing in the truth of a Savior who has set us free,

It breathes life back into my anxious self,

That I can slowly let those things go and trust the there is more than this that I see.

A beautiful truth I read in Ann Voskamp’s

Book ‘The Broken Way’ that is slowly restoring how I see a life lived for the Lord,

is that ‘To Jesus, time was not something to capture or seize, 

It wasn’t something that could be stolen- 

It was something you sacrificed.’

And to me that breathes hope back into my weariness of trying to be enough to the Lord,

Seeing that I am,

Just as I am and in what I’m doing,

As long as I’m laying it all down at His feet and living so that He may be seen.

I don’t need to be standing at a pulpit preaching,

Or in Africa,

Or even doing what the next person is doing.

But I am held accountable for what I do with the time I was given,

And the best use of that time is in everything I do,

To do it for His glory.

To not seek approval,

Or feel that I have to try to earn my salvation,

Or work hard to please God,

Or even to better myself so that I would be loved.

But to bask in His truths,

To soak them in,

And live each day,

Breathing in the truth and freedom Jesus proclaimed.

A truth that sets me free from the tyranny of self,

And gives my life meaning in the areas I feel meaningless,

And breathes purpose back into my soul.

That my life,

Regardless of what I’m doing,

Or how great it looks in light of what other people have/are doing for Him,

I am able to stand before the Lord,

Surrendering my life,

Giving Him my time,

And allowing all that I do – whether it be little or much,

For His glory.

So to quickly wrap all this together,

Or try to at least,

We all want more time,

But rather may we start seeking to fully embrace,

To intently live,

And to do all the things we do with each second of the day we already have,

In love.

We may not be able to measure our life length,

But we can live our life with meaning.

No matter what season you are in,

May you seek the beauty in it,

Even though it may be slight.

May you realize that there is a time for everything,

Whether it be what you have wanted or not,

It’s worth pressing into,

Seeking the Lord in,

And using your one precious life for a beautiful purpose far greater than yourself.

For in the giving of our self,

A listening ear,

A warm smile,

Maybe the possessions we have,

Or what we’re able to do,

For the benefit of others,

Is the greatest use of our time.



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