The Search For Purpose.


17629716_1282782775151394_3884156675762699482_nWe’re all seeking some sort of purpose for our lives,

Because if we were being honest with ourselves,

Deep down,

None of us truly want to die without doing something great,

Without making a name for ourselves,

Or making an impact in the world we stand in.

We want to live for something with meaning,

Do something that stirs in us a passion,

So that we’re able to live contently knowing we’re doing something purposefully.

And actually in our search for purpose,

That’s where some of us get lost along the way.

We get lost because we can’t seem to figure it out,

We let fears start burdening us,

Worries and anxieties paralyze us,

Because we set our own standards so high of how we feel we ought to be living,

That it hinders us from living how we’re able too.

We tend to compare,

Looking to what others are doing and thinking we need to duplicate that to make an impact.

Comparing what we have,

What we haven’t done,

What we should be doing,

How we should be looking.

And it’s in all these things that we start losing steam,

Start losing motivation,

And in our search for purpose,

We actually begin to feel even more purposeless.

But just like pruning a plant,

Sometimes it’s hard,

Especially when one area is growing rapidly,

To prune it back.

But we must prune or let ourselves be pruned to remain focused on what truly matters.

You see,

In getting caught up in purpose,

Sometimes our priorities begin to get mixed up,

Our own vision of our dreams start getting blurred,

Because we are starving for any sort of growth in our lives,

That even when it’s in the wrong area we cling to it,

Not wanting to prune it,

Because we need something to feel as though we matter.

So when our job seems to be flourishing,

We throw away our time with family, friends and most of the time,

The Lord,

So we can keep seeing growth in that area.

What area in your life needs to be pruned?

What area is growing that needs to be brought back so all other areas can grow together and bear fruit?

For eventually,

Just like a plant,

Things will start dying if not pruned.

If all energy is being given to that one area,

The ones will smaller growth will begin to die or not flourish anymore,

And that branch that is growing,

If not cared for,

Will stop bearing fruit and begin to wither.

Pruning is hard,

Keeping our lives in check is however, vital.

And pruning is necessary,

For although it may look like set backs at times,

It’s actually cultivating strong roots,

And richer longevity in the plant.

For I know we all want to make a difference in the world,

But more important than doing is our motive in the doing.

What’s your motive in wanting to change the world?

Where is your heart situated in it?

Are you doing it to make your name known?

Are you risking your family and friends?

For the more we say yes to things,

The more we say no to the things that matter,

Such as rest, contentment, richer relationships and time with the Lord.

At what cost are you willing to flourish in areas that might not truly be what you’re being asked to do?

Willing to lose your marriage?

Relationship with best friends, kids, parents?

For it is possible to live a meaningful and purposeful life while stewarding well what you already have.

I don’t believe going after a ‘purpose’ is good if it’s going to tear apart something as sacred as a marriage,

Or the cost of your time spend with the Lord.

However I do believe that in going after a purpose that will bring the Lord glory above ourselves,

Will cost us.

Sometimes cost us our own desires,

Our own reputation being ridiculed,

Or us being made fun of.

For you see,

The Kingdom of God is opposite to the culture we live in.

Sometimes going after the very things that will make His name known,

Will be the very things that will make us less.

So often we desire fame,

Thousands of followers,

But our hearts aren’t in the right place,

For we want that for ourselves.

When in reality to live a life laid down for the King will set us further apart from the world,

Will make us less desirable by those who want nothing to do with Him,

And not be an easy, luxury life.

For it’s when we begin to let go of our need for acceptance and approval from the world,

That we can start setting our mind on eternity and what we’re truly living for.

Seeing that when all areas of our life are rooted in His Word,

His Truth,

And His Love,

We will bear fruit even in hard, challenging, dry seasons.

May you seek His face,

Seeking His heart for you and the purpose in which He is asking you to follow Him in during this season of your life.

Knowing that as we yield to Him,

Our purpose isn’t always in the doing,

But in who we are as sons and daughter of a good, gracious and loving God,

Who cares more about the situation of our heart than in all we can do for Him.

May we learn to recieve from Him,

Throwing off our perfectionism,

Addiction to work and busyness,

And rather rest in His love,

Living from a place of knowing that as we live abiding in His Word,

Saying Yes to what He’s placing on our hearts,

Our life will not be lived in vain.

So let me ask you this,

In light of eternity is what you’re doing important?

Will it carry over with you once you’re dead?

I know we don’t talk about eternity or dying often,

It’s scary and hard to wrap our minds around,

But it’s real and something that changes the way we live when we no longer live for just the next 70 years.

For I believe in the hope of a life after we die,

Because of Jesus Christ.

That these maybe, mere 70 years  are just preparing us for standing with the Lord,

And how we live,

What we’ve done with what He’s given us,

How we spent our time,

For who we were,

Is what we’ll be accountable for.

May you readjust your purpose if need be,

And begin to live a life worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“What you have an eternal perspective, you life differently.
You make decisions differently,
You endure things you wouldn’t endure if you only have a 70 year perspective,
And you pursue the things that truly matter rather than that which just fills time.”
-John Bevere

 “If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this one.”
-C.S Lewis 

Here are some questions that helped me figure out more of my purpose and the desires that I feel are placed on my heart:

  1. What was it that you loved doing as a kid that you stopped because you felt it wasn’t good enough or successful enough?
  2. If you had to leave your house everyday, what would you do? Where would you go?
  3. If you had to choose one problem to begin fixing in the world, what would it be?
  4. What is one way you can make the most of your situation now? How can you begin to live with a different perspective? Or what needs to change?
  5. What was one thing from all the jobs you’ve done that you love most?

I have learned that my purpose doesn’t come from what I do,

Or from how I look,

But from who I am as a child of God.

That He loves me as I am,

That He has created me with gifting’s, talents that I can either hide and use,

And a life that I am able to life wholeheartedly.

A life that doesn’t need for me to be known,

Or to do something no ones ever done to be purposeful enough,

But rather to live stewarding what I have well and being who He created me to be.

Someone that loves those others walk by,

Someone who steps out to help someone even if I’d rather keep going,

Someone who messages a friend because I know they’re going through a hard time,

And someone who prays even when it’s hard because my hope isn’t fixed on what I’m able to do,

But on the One who holds it all.

For it is far too easy to get caught up in the culture we live in,

To lose sight of what truly matters,

To become complacent in the life we’re living whether we love it or not,

And to not do anything because we feel we won’t be able to do something ‘big’ enough that’ll matter.

For this truth set me free,

It’s not all about me.

And when I’m able to start living a life that isn’t based on just my happiness or meeting my needs,

But rather one of His Word,

That’s when purpose begins.

That we’re no longer living for ourselves but for something bigger than what we could possibly do,

In and of our own abilities.

A life where we choose to not stay as we are,

But seek to change,

To be more like Him who died for us,

More gracious, forgiving, loving, compassionate,

In the midst of a world that only promotes doing something for our own self,



For truthfully,

I’ve found that,

Above all else,

My heart before the Lord and knowing His heart for me matters most.

Throwing off the things that paralyze me,

The feelings of not being good enough,

Or doing enough,

Or whatever else I let entangle me,

And rather seeing that I am enough,

That I don’t need to just ‘do me’,

And that even in all my brokenness and hurt,

The Lord still calls me to come to Him and find healing,

Find truth that I am still able to live a life that matters.

Not because of anything I have,

But because of all that He has to give me to offer.

For the enemy will always try to deceive us,

To break us and wear us out.

Don’t let him,

Run to the One who can sustain you and set you free from all you let weigh you down.

Asking yourself,

In light of eternity,

What do you need to throw off and begin doing?

How can you live differently?

What are the lies, fears, insecurities that have kept you from living an abundant life?

For when looking at eternity,

Our lives here are small,

So lets make them matter,

Right where we are,

With what we’re doing

And with those around us.

You’re capable,

And I praise our Father for unconditional love and overflowing grace,

That we’re able to live freely because of Jesus.

You’re loved sweet friend,

Keep on keepin’ on.

“For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD.” 
Psalm 117:2

A message that really encouraged and spurred me on : Driven by Eternity by John Bevere


Katie Nicolle Photography


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