Don’t Miss Out.


We miss out on life often,

For each of us there’s different reasons;

Maybe it’s comparison,




But I think most of us can agree on one reasons,

Our perspective.

I don’t know about you,

But sometimes my perspective isn’t the greatest.

I tend to focus on the here and now more that what I’m really suppose to be living for.

I let challenges,




Get to me.

Bringing me to a place where I hunger for a quick fix,

Forgetting sometimes what I’m really living for,

And rather see what’s before me.

When really whatever we run to as a quick fix,

Isn’t truly what we need.

Most of the time it’ll leave us hungrier,

More famished,




And burnt out.

For when we live gratifying the desires that arise with things that don’t truly bring us life,

We neglect what truly matters.

This morning when I was reading the Bible,

I read something that struck a new chord.

A verse I’ve probably skimmed over,

Many of times before.

It was when Esau sold his birthright to his brother for a pot of stew.

You see Esau was out hunting all day,

And was ‘famished’.

He went to where his younger brother, Jacob was cooking, demanding a bowl of stew,

With Jacob stating only if he sold him his birthright.

Esau responded “What good is a birthright to me?” and sold it.

Esau isn’t much different than us,

And that’s what I realized today.

How quick are we to busy our lives,

Giving ourselves no time to rest,

Then realizing how famished we are.

And I’m not talking just about hungry famished,

But burning ourselves out where we begin to wreck relationships,

Turning to whatever it may be that you start craving,


To fill that hunger within you.

Maybe it’s porn,

Unhealthy relationships,





Maybe it’s even just shutting down and ignoring your spouse.

Whatever it may be,

We are quick to sell our birthright to get it.

Quick to turn away from the Lord to turn to those things,

Thinking that they’ll bring us what we’re lacking,

That it’ll curb that unmet desire,

But truthfully,

It leaves us more unfulfilled.

Leaves us more demanding,



And needy.

So that’s why our perspective needs to change,

For we need to see those areas in our lives that we continually give ourselves over too,

And begin to work through them,

Getting help if need be,

And to stop running ourselves in to the ground.

To stop feeling that we need to be good enough by busying ourselves,

Being consumed in our work,




Rather than resting,

Taking time to walk slower,

Read the Word,

Do things that refresh your soul,

And to enjoy the beauty around you.

To realize that you don’t need to be who you think you do,

That in the midst of trying to be ‘good enough’,

You’re wrecking relationships,

And wearing yourself out.

May you see that you don’t need to conform to the ways that the culture we live in is trying to pull you into,

That you can walk in a way where life has more depth,

More abundance,

More joy,

Rather than the opposite.

A life where you’re able to cope in healthier ways,

Where you’re able to see that because of Gods great love for us,

We are able to live set free from the things that entangle us,

Living through our birthright as sons and daughters to a loving God,

Rather then giving that away to be apart of something that’s only temporal.

Keeping an eternal perspective isn’t easy,

It’s hard to be reminded that the here and now won’t always be,

And that the more we live with our eyes fixed on whats the come,

The greater we are able to live in the here and now.

But it takes us shifting our perspective,

Takes us saying no to over scheduling ourselves,

And giving ourselves grace in the areas we feel we’re falling short in,

Seeing that by the grace of God we are enough,

Loved as we are,

And more than capable to live a meaningful life.

For sometimes less is more,

And we don’t need to work ourselves into the ground to the point we feel weary,


And burned out.

We’re able to work on a new perspective,

A new way to live,

So don’t miss out.

Don’t miss out on the life you were created to live,

The life that’s waiting for you to start embracing,

The life that you are capable of living intentionally, wholeheartedly and using your abilities/giftings/talents.

Don’t miss out on this life because you’re selling yourself short,

Working yourself to the bone to the point where you’re unloving, tired, grumpy and bitter,

Don’t miss out on moments where you let someone else know that their life matters,

Don’t miss out on the memories you can create with loved ones,

Don’t miss out on living a life of simple obedience to the Lord,

One where you don’t have to be known by everyone to make a difference or an impact,

But just need to know the One who created you and loves you.

May you not miss out on a life full of rich joy, love, grace and freedom,

Because you’re selling yourself short and giving away all that you have for something that as quick as you get it, it’s gone.

Live with an eternal perspective,

That all you do,

All you say,

And what you do with what you have,

Is for more than just a seventy year perspective but rather for all of eternity.

For you aren’t living for just the here and now,

There is far more to your life, to your soul that just living to gratify it.

For when we begin to live with a perspective that what we’re doing makes an eternal impact,

You make choices differently,

Work through challenges with more intention,

And you aren’t so quick to give yourself away to something that fades as quick as flowers.

Keep your mind set on things above and your eyes fixed on the One who is calling you and knows you by name.

I am so thankful for Jesus Christ,

Thankful for life because of Him,

And because of a Father who loves us with an everlasting love.

That even when we’re unfaithful, He remains faithful.

It’s not too late for you to get back your birthright,

To get a right standing before God,

Call upon the name of Jesus,

There is redemption in His name.

Keep on keepin’ on my friend,

And may your life be lived,

Right where you are,

With what you have,

All for His glory.



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