Reason For My Name


In twenty-fourteen I got my first pup, his name was, well you guessed it, Kid.

Through our year together, I learned a lot from him. Mostly about having child like faith again. I know, I know, it sounds funny to say that you can learn something deep from a dog, but I believe if you’re willing, The Lord can use all of His creation to speak to you.

And through this little dog, I learned how to have joy in life. How to embrace it with arms wide open, loving others deeper and coming to the Father with more child like faith.

For a dog loves unconditional, and watching Kid love me humbled me at how far I fell from loving the God of all Creation poorly. And spurred me on to seek a deeper, richer, more trusting relationship with the Father.

You can check out my blog ‘To be Kid-like’

Sadly in October twenty-fifteen, Kid was hit by a car.

I was heart broken and through his loss, wrote another blog “Dealing with Grief”

And a few other blogs following that.

It was hard losing something I loved so deeply and was the first thing I had that was all mine. Especially with my family living a couple provinces away, he was all I had.

But through his loss, I struggled, I questioned, My roots grew a bit deeper and I pressed through to learn the depth of our Fathers love.

So I kept my name the same (which I know is obvious!) in honor of a little dog who taught me lessons I needed to learn and am far better because of.

The month after Kid died, Levi and I went to pick up Mud (who I wrote a blog about too!)

Then in March the following year, Levi brought home Coon.

And then shortly after in October twenty-sixteen, together we got Rye.

It’s sure a full home with all these pups, but life wouldn’t be the same without em.

Ah, Now you know it all !

Welcome to my page, stay a while!